Thursday, 5 November 2015

Swatches: MUA Matte Lipstick

Remember the MUA lipsticks I swatched a couple of weeks ago? Well another two I bought at the time, were these matte lipsticks. Again they cost £1 and they are currently on 3 for 2 and you get a free tote bag, which is even sweeter. mua matte lipstick totally nude peachy keen

Both colours I bought were light, but not pale and therefore neither swatched chalky. The packaging is similar to the regular lipsticks, but is white instead of black. They have the same colour base as the lipstick inside and like I said in that last post; cheap and cheerful, but does the job. mua matte lipstick case mua matte lipstick base
The nude looking one on the left is Totally Nude and is a tan beige, no pink. The one on the right is Peachy Keen and is as described, a peach. mua matte lipstick totally nude peachy keen close up
These lipsticks are buildable so I've swatched one swipe to the right and several swipes on the left. You can probably see Totally Nude (left swatches) is quite tan with one swipe and less brown than the layered swatch. Peachy Keen is just a lighter, less intense version of itself. mua matte lipstick swatches
I haven't worn these yet, but I suspect they might be quite drying because of their matte finish. Though like I said earlier, neither seems overly dry to the point of being chalky. The colours are pretty, not particularly unique, but you certainly can't fault that price.  What do you think, have you tried these?

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  1. for me,seems like favourable quality for that price.also most of matte finish lipsticks are tend to be chalky and drying and I wear lip balm before wearing any kind of lipstick anyway so...I think it's really reasonable to have that quality with that price.

    I hadn't gone for out apart from going to doctor for weeks and today I finally went for some window shopping and saw many new cosmetics<3

    I started wearing makeup not too long ago and slowly became more interested.
    and now I'm pretty much into makeup but still figuring out to how to boost my charms with them as I never want wear makeup as coverage.
    and I also used to be little shy to wear lipstick cause I felt like I look and am too immature to wear lipstick cause for me that lipstick seemed like it's for matured ladies haha but I always liked lipsticks and lipstick is one of most favourite cosmetic item!
    btw,how many lipstick do you own right now : D?maybe post?x

    1. Argh, good question. Into the 100's for sure. Actually I probably have over 100 MAC lipsticks, then there's all the others. I had a clear out and got rid of loads that smelled bad, but I struggle to regularly throw out makeup, because it's such a waste if it isn't well used and with the amount I have, it's impossible to completely finish them. Of course, I now haven't worn makeup for 2 years because of illness, so I can't imagine throwing everything out and starting over. I just hope it's all ok, when I do start using them again. Mascara I do regularly dispose of because I feel they can turn quickly and bacteria can easily build in those tubes and I don't want that at my eyes.


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