Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Paperchase Christmas 2015

paperchase glitter deer decorations
Like I mentioned last week, I have a series of Christmas themed items to blog about. Today, it's decorations. I have a deer obsession. You should know this before we begin and not judge me on it! I had a little white glitter figure my sister bought me last Christmas from Paperchase. She came home with a Gisela Graham fluffy one from her work a few months ago (and three for herself-must run in the family) and once I saw them altogether, I requested she get the other two colours for me too and now I've bought several from Paperchase. It doesn't stop there, I just got a Christmas deer cushion and matching towel, duvet cover, cardigan, fluffy handbag....!
paperchase glitter deer decorations detail
First up are the glitter ones, which hang (glitter deer decoration £2.50). They are 3 for 2, so I got two mint and one grey. The mint wasn't as I expected. It looked pale online, but in reality it's a brighter grass green and there's no blue tone to it. The grey is darker than it looks online, but very pretty. I've actually popped that one on the door handle to my shoe room and the green on the cabinet doors inside the room. They are lightweight and I'm pleasantly surprised by the lack of glitter fall-out (so far). paperchase mint glitter deer christmas decoration paperchase mint glitter deer decoration front paperchase grey glitter deer christmas decoration paperchase grey glitter deer decoration front
The reason I placed an order in the first place was for this stag (mint glitter stag decoration £4.75). Mum saw it in the window of our local store and said I had to get it (she got one for herself too)! It stands and is flocked (again lightweight), with glitter hooves and antlers. The colour is a dusky turquoise. It has a gold bell around it's neck.  paperchase mint glitter stag decoration paperchase mint glitter stag decoration close up
I figured it needed a baby (because I didn't have any already) and apparently they were displayed in the window together, so I ordered the mini deer decoration £3. It's flocked, a medium brown with glitter hooves and the cutest little sad face. My white one from last year looks like this. It's adorable. paperchase mini deer decoration paperchase mini deer decoration
I have issues.  Really pretty issues! paperchase deer christmas decorations
My sister gets me a beautiful Christmas card each year and we were looking at them online, guessing which one the other would buy and also like to receive.  She fell in love with a "baby 1st Christmas" and I with a 'Nan' one, don't you hate that when it's intended for a person you don't need a card for?  I don't have any grandparents and never called my Granny "Nan" so have nobody to buy it for.  It's funny, I'm an Aunt rather than Auntie to my nephews and clearly the greetings card world think Aunts are frumpy, old ladies that like vases of flowers and nothing else and have no humour.  The selection is dire!  My sister as an Auntie, gets much cuter cards though!        paperchase deer christmas cards
Anyway, my sister is getting me this one (retro deer Christmas card £2.25).
paperchase retro deer christmas card
While I bought her this one (sister deer and mouse Christmas card £2.50), yay it's actually intended for her!  She's the little mouse, I'm the deer.  Obviously.  We passed them to the giver and pretended we hadn't seen them and will act surprised when we receive them!  
paperchase sister deer mouse christmas card
What do you think, have you started or finished your Christmas shopping?  I like being organised in that respect, but we're not the type of house that puts the tree and decorations up early.  Dad actually saw one at the weekend in a house, all lit up!

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  1. I absolutely love these and would have these up all year.

    1. I've just seen Tesco have one that is like the green/grey ones but with a bow and it's only £1.50 and also on 3 for 2. I'm going to get that too hopefully!

  2. Ha you are so funny!!!! I love the flocked mint and Orange ones!!! I regret the time I saw a brand new tweed Accessorize bag with a sequinned deer on it in.a charity shop-so cute!!!x

    1. That sounds lovely. I don't know if my nephew doesn't know what deer are, but he was in my room and saw them and said "my Mummy likes...them", so now we take the mickey out of the pause and "them" rather than calling them deer.

  3. I LOVE the flocked mint one. I need it in my life. xx


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