Sunday, 29 November 2015

Irregular Choice: Swan Lake Bag

As promised here is a closer look at my latest Irregular Choice purchase, the Swan Lake handbag from the Autumn/Winter collection. You can see it along with my others of this style here if you missed it. Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag

These bags have a beautiful full shape, finished with a frame to the top. It comes with a long strap which can be attached or removed with clips. Like I said in that other post, I do find them a bit fiddly to use a clutch bag, which is a pity as I'd prefer that to wearing on the shoulder. It has a clasp opening with large knobs and inside is the lovely purple floral velvet that features in most of the shoes this season. Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag front Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag shoulder strap Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag side Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag clasp Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag lining
The base is black metallic with studs to keep the bag clean and scratch free. The main fabric of the bag is a bold winter floral, which I think is the same (if not, similar) to my Roarsum dinosaur heels and Lucky Lady bow boots from last winter and a few other styles this season. Both of mine have a croc patent finish while the bag is fabric, but the actual print is the same (well I haven't actually checked they match yet, but I'm sure they do). Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag base Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag back
The back is plain floral, the front however features several additional fabrics, as these bags tend to. The main focal point is a large swan princess (wearing a crown) in shimmering white metallic with pale pink wings and pearl detailing. The 'water' is similar to the fabric used on Tiny Ted, but a different blue and genuinely looks like liquid with it's metallic and shimmering flashes throughout. There's also little stars and pearls sewn on sporadically. Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag swan close up Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag pearl detail Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag water detail Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag pearls stars
Across the top is the scalloped edge that so many of these bags have, in black and pink. The whole thing takes me breath away, it is that beautiful. I've always loved swans and you know I'm a sucker for a flowery print! Another corker of a bag from Irregular Choice this year! At the same time I got these gold Truly Magical shoes, so I might show you those next week. What do you think, like this bag?
Irregular Choice Swan Lake Bag Truly Magical gold shoes


  1. Ah, lovely bag. They're such a nice shape. I have the Magic Pony one and am always amazed at how spacious it is. Yay for the gold Truly Magical as well - I was bought these on Sat but have to wait until Xmas for them.

    1. They are! They are so wide inside. TM are so lovely, the red and gold pairs are so different to each other, but both gorgeous.


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