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Irregular Choice Lamb Heels

It's new season at Irregular Choice and time for the character heels to begin! There was the pre-order of the lovely bride and groom heels at the end of 2014 (for delivery in February), which I somehow resisted. Willpower skillz ahoy! Ok, so had they been a 'boy and girl' i.e. in non wedding attire, I'd have been all over them and the shoes themselves were hot. I just felt the 'wedding' theme wasn't relevant (to me) and folk would think I was permanently headed off to the church every time I wore them! Not that I usually give two hoots what people think. Anyhoo, I resisted, so let's just congratulate me on that for a moment. Then came a sneaky preview of two new styles, lamb and dinosaur heels! The little lamb launched today at 12pm (and I'm hoping by now I've ordered a pair). Yes I have! Irregular Choice Baah Baah lamb heels

There are four different styles, two in lighter shades and two black. There's also bags to match. Bye bye savings and cheerio willpower. The heel is only 8cm (3 1/4"), about an inch shorter than we've previously seen, so that will please some. It scares me a little. Though I do like the idea of having some lower heels in my collection for days I don't feel like really working my legs. Like the bunnies and unicorns, the heel takes on an almost wedge like shape, with the wee lamb sitting down. I won't link to the styles individually on the IC site because chances are they'll sell out very quickly (but you can find them in the 'new arrivals' section). The Baah Baah court (above and below) is available at Schuh though in the lighter shade and hopefully will stick around a little longer. Irregular Choice Baah Baah lamb shoes pink
They remind me a little of my Dolly Mixture courts, though the lambs have a more pointed toe and that cut out detail at the front. Here is the black version.  Both colours have, "So" and "Cute" embroidered on the back of the heel with a large heart.  Irregular Choice Baah Baah lamb shoes black
Generally, the darker colours aren't as appealing to me this time. I think because the lamb is such a lovely pastel coloured thing, I want 'Spring' like uppers too. I didn't order Baah Baah, but instead got Lammie (below) in a 38 and 39 because I was unsure of the sizing (obviously I'll be returning the pair that don't fit). Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heels
Yes, my mermaid eyes were immediately drawn to that shimmering, scaly trim.  I'm a big bow fan too and where Baah Baah has one small one, Lammie has two large ones.  Winner!  They have a t-bar and (large-yay) buckle fastening on the strap.  As well as the 'scale' fabric, there's an iridescent shimmer, then the main uppers are what looks like "caviar" manicure stuff.  You know the little, tiny beads?  Irregular Choice Lammie lamb shoes white
Here they are in the darker colour.  Still with the black 'caviar' uppers, but the shimmering section is more oil slick/petrol spill and the mermaid bit isn't scaly.  Instead it's got shiny dots on it...sure there will be a more descriptive term for it than that, but my brain is failing me right now.  The bows on both pairs are broderie anglaise, which also happens to be an (old fashioned) favourite of mine.   Irregular Choice Lammie lamb shoes black
Finally the Lil Lamb bags.  This time, I was drawn to the darker one, but thought it would be silly to get it when I was buying the lighter shoes, so I ordered the light one.  It's really grown on me since I've studied the bigger pictures though.  Both bags have the same details and shapes, though the main fabrics and colours are different.  The lighter is floral and the dark one has a heart print.  The textured sequin lamb is a trim you'll see used on a couple of the SS15 styles (along with broderie anglaise actually), where the oblong shapes are attached at the top, but hang freely.  It gives a 'scale' like look to it, which isn't exactly necessary in a sheep, but it gives it some depth and movement which is nice.  The face is made from the small beads (like the Lammie heels) and there's embroidered details and a large red bow around it's neck.  As usual on these bags, there's the scalloped edge detail across the top and the corners (which again ties in with the Lammie shoes), this time with cut out heart shapes and there's embroidered flowers dotted around the bag.  The back is plain (floral or heart fabric) and inside is an absolute dream, but you'll hopefully see that when mine arrives.      Irregular Choice Lil Lamb bag white Irregular Choice Lil Lamb bag black
You might think IC are a little early with their 'Easter/Spring' release, but actually the lamb is to celebrate the year of the ram, for Chinese New Year (hence the decorated version on the heel).  I love the vintage feel of the lamb, like the fawn heels, it reminds me of those old (and highly sought after) ornaments.  What do you think? Did you manage to get any or are you saving yourself for their next character heel release?  As always, I'll get the photos up as soon as mine arrive next week.

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  1. I can't believe I don't own a single pair of these statement heel from IC, I love most of them (the unicorn and rabbit are favorites, but just a bit too expensive for me in this point in my life.) I wanted to buy the wedding shoes for my wedding but M didn't like them (*insert sad face) so I've put off planning the wedding until I'm over the sadness of not having them (drama queen) (I'm kind of kidding, more like until I find another pair of shoes I love as much). Glad you got yours.

    1. I can't believe how many I've accumulated in such a short space of time! They are pricey, so it means I have to realise I can't have them AND stuff from the main range and so my shopping habits have definitely changed to reflect that. Awww, bad M for not liking them, I loved the glitter pair and the ones with the turquoise bow. Kinda sad I'm not getting them.

  2. DINOSAUR heels?? Tell us more!

    1. Haha, they put up a photo on 1st Jan with them and I missed it. However I've since seen it and they are chunky, strappy platforms (black) with an orangey T-Rex heel (looks like a kids dinosaur toy). I suspect there will be other styles or colours, like the lambs. Are you on Facebook? I could message you with a photo!

  3. They are certainly cute but yes, the black aren't as special. I still find the lamb a little creepy! If they did TARDIS ones, I'd buy them in a flash!!
    Where do you see the previews? Please share, I'd love to know!

    1. I hear they might be making something Star Wars. They annoyingly put up photos of the lamb and dino on 1st Jan for 2 hours only on FB. I missed it, but thankfully my buddies saved it for me to see. I'll email you them if you send me your address : )


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