Thursday, 12 December 2013

Comparison Swatches: Rimmel 305 Nude Praline

Look at me being all regular with the swatch requests! Tej had commented on an old Rimmel lipstick swatch post of mine. She loved one of the lipsticks, which is now discontinued and wondered if I knew of any alternatives. None immediately came to mind, given that the colour isn't particularly unique within my lipsticks i.e. I own a lot of browns and nudes, so if a request comes in for anything else, it's very easy to locate the few that could be similar. That said, it doesn't mean I own a vast amount of perfect dupes for this, it means there's a lot of lipsticks to go through! I actually had no idea where to start so just had to methodically go through my lipstick drawers, picking out (hopefully) those that haven't been discontinued yet. I didn't attempt to look through my MAC tray because the majority of those are limited edition shades anyway and after finding many LE and/or discontinued shades last time, I didn't think it was very helpful. I forgot to check Lancome, but off the top of my head, can't think of a similar one to this.
Ok, first things first. The lighting was pretty dire this day, so the orangey glow is from the lamp in my room, not the lipsticks. I also only managed to get swatches with the flash, because those without were blurry.
The lipstick in question is Rimmel Lasting Finish in 305 Nude Praline, in the bronze packaging (3rd from left). I remember there were maybe just 4 lipsticks in this range (certainly I own four) and that they were part of a special summer (?) range. Although I can recall them being available for longer than just a season. All four are brown shades leaning copper or bronze or nude, so perhaps it was some sort of 'natural' or 'nude' collection. The Lasting Finish formula is one that is still available now in the main line and is also used for the Kate Moss collections, although the packaging has been updated over the years.  It feels really creamy on the lips and the colours are opaque.  
Nude Praline looks to me like a beautiful pinky beige-nude in the tube, perfect actually. It is highly pigmented and packs quite a punch in the swatch, so it does come out a little deeper than you'd think (especially against my very pale hand). On the lips, it still works as a nude though. It's a warm shade with terracotta (so orange and red and brown) and pink tones. Quite complex really. It's a shade Rimmel do well and I think the nearest dupe in my collection is actually their Kate Moss 03 lippie. However there are several near-alternatives.
From left to right in product and swatch photos:
Clarins Rouge Eclat in 15 Nude Caramel
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 03
NYX Round Lipstick in 517 Hades
Dainty Doll in 008 Storm in A Tea Cup
Dior Addict Extreme in 316 Incognito
Too Faced Lip Of Luxury in Totally Nude
I've put the Rimmel one along the top for comparison with all the other lipsticks. Clarins is more tan and has less pink. Rimmel (Kate Moss) is a touch lighter and has less red than Nude Praline. NYX is a touch darker and is more brown. Dainty Doll is more sheer and is missing that pink tone, leaning taupe. Dior is very sheer, so I had to build up the colour (and even then, it doesn't compare to the opacity of Rimmel). It looks to have the right tone but is just not pigmented enough. Too Faced leans more orange.

Too Faced Lip Of Luxury I believe is being phased out, probably after the introduction of the La Creme lippies, so if you find it, buy it now.  Similarly Dainty Doll was I think discontinued for a second time, or at least the items are popping up on discount websites and I'm struggling to find them full price anywhere which points me to that conclusion.  Everything else is available now and not limited edition.  Like I said, I think the Kate Moss one is closest, it's not quite as deep but see how it has that pinky tone over a terracotta base?  I'm actually wearing it as my lipstick this week, you can see it on the lips here and here (both worn with a gloss over the top).  I think NYX and Dainty Doll are least like Nude Praline, while Clarins does look quite similar as an alternative or addition to the Kate Moss one.  I hope this helps you Tej and anyone else who was looking for this one.  I'm glad I found some purse friendly and in-stock items to compare.    

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