Friday, 13 December 2013

Soap & Glory: The Yule Monty

I'd intended to write a 'warning' message yesterday regarding this set and the deal, but unfortunately didn't have time. Instead I have details of what's inside and once again, it's rather fabulous.
Every year, Soap & Glory have some sort of bumper gift pack usually costing around £60, this year it's The Yule Monty. Boots have their 'star buys' every week in the run up to Christmas and it usually includes the S&G gift and it always proves very popular. I've found myself in previous years, frantically refreshing the website at midnight and pulling all-nighters in the hope of grabbing one. Thankfully in latter years, they've been aware of it's popularity and planned for it, by adding lots of stock to all stores. My parents had noticed loads of these being displayed in my local store on Wednesday and that's when the email popped up saying it would be £27 instead of £60, so I was well prepared this time.
Mum went down for opening time this morning, grabbed one for me and was home before I'd even woken up! So it was pretty stress free for me. She said they had tonnes and this shop isn't a big one, so those bigger stores get even more stock. I checked at lunchtime and it had sold out online, so I'm not sure how long the stock lasted there.  Your best bet now is to check stores and hope they have some left.   
I've not been in Boots for ages, so haven't seen the Christmas stuff other than in the catalogue.  I've been making my way through my own supplies (from previous years) which would probably put a shop to shame! I hadn't been too enamoured with this years festive collection if I'm completely honest. Funny how the print/bags can make you want it or not!  When I saw this bag in the email though, I was like "ooooh that's lovely, why have I not wanted it before now?" Then I realised it's because this is not the Yule Monty bag that has been instore for months, it's actually a special, limited edition one designed by Jonathan Saunders! It's much prettier than the regular one I think.
And look at everything you get inside!
Every item inside is full size and the total value of the nine products is £72.50, so you're already getting a bargain at the regular price of £60.  Plus the gorgeous case for free! 
I'll run through everything individually. Starting with the two makeup items. You get Thick & Fast mascara (£10) and Sexy Mother Pucker XL (£10) lip plumping gloss in Pink Out Loud. I couldn't get an accurate photo of this gloss in the dark today, but it's a lovely warm pink.
Peaches & Clean face cleanser 200ml (£8)
Sugar Crush body wash 500ml (£6.50)
Butter Yourself body lotion 500ml (£10)
The Righteous Butter body cream 300ml (£10.50)
Heel Genius foot mask (£5.50) and Hand Food hand cream both 125ml (£5)
The Scrub Of Your Life body scrub 200ml (£7)
Plus you get some sachets of Make Yourself Youthful serum along with a skincare voucher.
Isn't that a fabulous set for £27?  I'd think you could get it off your advantage points if you had enough (I've done this in previous years).  You could also split the pack into separate gifts if you were still looking for Christmas presents.  Let me know if you managed to snag one today or if you know anywhere that still has stock to help others out!


  1. Mines on it's way! I tried waiting up for it but the boot's website was down and then when I got up the next morning It took me nearly an hour to actually order it because once I finished filling in my details the site kept crashing. I got it in the end though :-) So excited!!

    1. Well done, their website is notoriously sh*te! I figured it would be less stressful at my local store, as it's quite small. Hope you like all the goodies inside x

  2. Awww... I love Soap and Glory! Def added to the wishlist!

    1. Last day to get it at this discounted price today!!!

  3. I feel so envious! I absolutely love S&G products but I live in Australia now and can't get them:( Oh how I miss the scrub of your life!!!!!!! This bag looks super cute too!

  4. I'm STILL working my way through last year's haul so I gave this one a miss ;) I am tempted to try the cleanser on it's own though, is it any good? xxx

    1. Haven't tried it yet Rai, will let you know when I do.

  5. I was so tempted to get myself this as I bought it last year...I'm glad I held back as I got one for Christmas! Was so chuffed, looking forward it trying the mascara! Xx

    1. Brilliant! The mascara brush is quite big, but other than that I like it.


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