Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Thank You & Merry Christmas

Blogging is a funny old thing. From my own personal experience (and I've been doing this for quite some time now), it can consume most of my day (to the point that I have no idea how working peeps do it), it's unpaid, it can cost a lot of money (blog maintenance and the constant shopping factor...ok that last one would probably happen with or without blogging) and it's definitely not all parties and freebies. At times the tech side or situations outside my control can get really stressful and it's a constant, never ending cycle of thinking up new posts, taking the photos, writing, editing and doing so all before it's 'old news'! You become creative director, editor, writer, photographer, stylist, model, PR, product tester and proof reader. I'll be the first to admit, it's bloody hard work!
That said, I genuinely love it and couldn't imagine my life without it. Actually, I had no life before it! I've been ill for 11 and a half years now and blogging has given me something fun and worthwhile to focus on. I give myself deadlines and have schedules to keep to.  I get up and dressed and look forward to documenting it, when I'd probably have stayed in my jammies before blogging.  I'm no longer able to sew, design or draw and my social life is extremely limited, so finding something I'm capable of doing right now whilst linking to fashion (and beauty) is a dream come true. For a while I felt like I'd lost myself and any talent I had was wasted. Blogging for me, is not only an escape from my situation but it's also given me this wonderful group of friends from fellow bloggers to readers. I'll go weeks only speaking to my family at home, so having this social aspect, even if it is virtual is brilliant for me.  I really do hope at some point, I can meet some of you in 'real life'.  At times it can feel like you're working for nothing or nobody is reading and I know I'm not the most successful blogger (however you'd measure that) and I also know I'm probably not capable of attending the fancy events that can lure in a wider readership.  However, I hope there's something here that keeps you coming back and I want to thank you all for the support over the past year.  I read and try to reply to every single comment, email and message.  You have no idea how it brightens my day when I log in to find some new comments.  I hope you've all had a happy and safe Christmas if you celebrate and wish the best for you and your families in 2014.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and it's so heart warming to know others feel the same way about blogging as I do. People often brush blogging off as something a bit pointless but unless they've experienced it they will never be able to understand how empowering and uplifting it can be. Especially when you struggle with finding joy or satisfaction elsewhere.
    I'll be here reading whether you go to fancy soirees or not :)
    Merry Christmas! xx

  2. I generally lurke, but I wanted to post a quick comment to say I really enjoy reading your blog, so I do hope you keep it up!
    Merry Christmas and a fab new year.

  3. You're cute, unique and always fun. I've loved your blog for years :)
    Lucy x

  4. it's been a quite long while since I started reading your blog(s).
    and to be honest,I eventually like this kind of post more than any other.
    of course,still like to read product reviews or your daily fashion pics though.
    but actually most of your posts are talking about your life and...I just like it<3

    well about blogging means to you kind of reminding me of my case too.
    because when I was student,I was ill too and stopped going to school and never really had connection with my classmate or anyone else except family,and I started small blog about my dairy life or some film review etc around that time.and I think,that time I also started reading your blogs or something...
    anyway,I got few connection with peoples and blahblahblah
    but in the end up,I just realized that's not really what I wanted.because I was really wanted some connection.but that connection was like nothing really important for those peoples I used talk...
    I feel like internet is really awesome but awful at the same time.
    I can really imagine how you feel about "want meet in REAL life".
    and I forgot to tell you but I like how you reply to most of comments too!
    I don't understand why some bloggers won't reply like they need act like busy or some shit.
    I think every single things are just depends who.on internet or wherever.
    and I've been always feeling like make blog again like don't want to be famous blogger or stylish or anything but just to talk something anything...
    I'm actually been designing a lot of empty blogs even......haha
    but I feel like I want you to visit my blog if I open it<3(now it's only open to author,me.)
    I feel like you are not like a mannequin like many bitches in the world dressed up like someone else that they want to be.
    and I think that's why even after years I still can't stop reading you.I actually don't really like fashion blog usually.because tasteless and bitches.
    I still remember about the post about yourself and you wrote about your favourite body part etcetc.I really liked that post.

    sorry for such long comment and thanks for reading as always<3
    and have lovely holiday and congrats to your 100th week anniversary for lipstick challenge!!
    well one of thing that I'm excited about 2014 is your 1000th day with shoe girl diary★

    sorry again if my english is too ridiculous...</3

    wishes XO

    1. Asa, thank you so much for your super long comment, I loved reading it all. I know what you mean about some blogs feeling very superficial. Sometimes the heart is missing in that, when everything is too perfect. I kinda like that I'm not (perfect), because it feels more real when there's mistakes or I don't look 100% or whatever!

      I am soooo excited for Day 1000 on my shoe posts, I have no idea how to celebrate yet, but definitely want to do something. As for my lipstick challenge, thank you for reminding me I still haven't updated week 101 yet! Thanks again for taking the time to comment x

    2. Oh and I agree about the replying to comments thing. I realise it can be time consuming and half the time the reader doesn't even read the reply, but if someone has taken the time to comment, I think it's only fair the writer replies.


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