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PHP's Beloved Beauty Bits (February)

Another month and another selection of beauty favourites I've been using. Generally, I've been really into lipgloss after neglecting them for ages. I wouldn't necessarily say the lipsticks in my challenge were in need of spicing up, but the glosses happened to work well over them all. I also have a new discovery, a ridiculously old faithful and some other bits and bobs. First up is Harajuku Lovers 'Wicked Style' in Baby. I've been feeling a little bored of my perfumes lately, but it's something I can't really afford to splash out on just now, so I've been making do with what I have. My favourite HL fragrances are empty now, but I've grown quite fond of this one over the past wee while after forcing myself to try something different.
We have to talk about the bottle, which is perhaps the most adorable across the whole brand (especially the back!) and I have to admit to hating the original Baby fragrance as it's far too powdery, sweet and generally overpowering for me. The WS one, is not a fragrance that I would usually rave about and while I can't say I adore it, it's pleasant enough and doesn't give me a headache and is actually quite long-lasting. It's got top notes of freesia, white peach and apple with jasmine, orchids, musk, vanilla and sandalwood too. I'm picking up that softer woody, slightly musky scent, but it's not too sweet or too vanilla on me. I'm going to get out my other WS bottles and see if I can find another I like before I get bored of this one!
Next is MAC Showgirl eyeshadow from the Marilyn Monroe collection. I've used this loads since I got it and even more so over the past few weeks! It's just a great everyday colour especially if you're into smokey eyes like me. It's a Veluxe Pearl finish, so it's slightly frosty but very smooth. I've been blending it under the eyes and into the crease mainly, but have even used it all over the lids and it isn't too dark for that. It's a blue toned grey/pewter with a purplish base and never fails to look pretty. I'm really glad this one is jumbo sized compared to their regular shadows, because I'll continue using it lots.
Onto the luscious lipglosses and first is MyFace One Hit Wonder in Diamonds & Pearls. It's a very shimmery white in one of those slim, squeezy tubes with slanted applicator. I usually dispense a little amount onto my fingertip and apply from there as I don't like messy tubes. I think I got this free in a GWP set one Christmas and have never paid much attention to it until now. It feels lovely on and is super shiny with a grown-up shimmer. I was using this with Playboy (Miss November), YSL (Rose Deesse), NYX (Sparkling Flamingo) and MAC (Goddess and Viva Glam Nicki 2) lipsticks. All of those are quite different colours and finishes, you have a milky lilac, a couple of super frosty or shimmery shades and then a really barely there colour and this did add interest to all of those, either by lightening the colour slightly, detracting from the frost finish or adding depth. I'm still using it this month! Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes in 33 Brun Poetic looks in the tube to be my perfect shade of nude. It's not orangey at all or too light and it's got that beautiful milky tone to it. In reality it's not precisely the same as it looks. It's not quite as taupe-like and the colour on the lips is somewhat sheer (unlike how it looks in the swatch). I still love it though, although would use it for layering rather than alone. It's also got sporadic shimmer in it and a small, precision brush applicator (if you prefer those to sponges).  I still wish someone would invent a pigmented lipstick or gloss that applies exactly as this looks!
without flash
Now for an ancient product.  I mean that!  When I was 17 I had to have a lump removed from my face and was pretty stressed about it considering I hadn't even had an injection at the dentist at this point (several stabs in the cheek hurts waaay more btw).  Anyway, I worked after-school on a makeup counter and my buddy I worked with gave me this powder (Lancome Poudre Superbe-All Over Face Glow on 02 Argente) and a lipgloss as a treat for 'being brave' at the hospital.  The gloss was a Lancome one, I believe they were called 'Star Gloss' and they came in fabulous vintage swirled tubes that tapered at one end (they've since been repackaged several years ago and then discontinued) and were named after old screen icons like Marilyn Monroe.  The shade I had was a light greenish goldy colour, sounds disgusting, but I wore it to death!
Anyway this highlighter pot was the other item I got and I can't believe I still have it after all that time.  I think I'm correct in saying it was limited edition at the time.  I wore this every day under my brow and across my cheekbones.  Every single day!  I've also dropped it and spilt it countless times (!), it's travelled with me around the country and overseas and I've still never got near to finishing it.  When I fell ill almost 11 years ago, I stopped wearing makeup completely as I wasn't capable of getting up and dressed each day, but other than those years this has been a staple product for me.

I've recently got in the habit of wearing it again (under the eyebrows) and I'm sort of determined to finish the pot but at the same time will be sad when I do.  I've had it for 15 years after all and the story of how I got it makes me rather sentimental!  It's a super soft powder with a slight pink tinge, but it swatches almost completely white.  You really only need a tiny amount (hence why I can't finish it) and I just apply it using my finger.  If I have a heavier or darker eye, it really makes a difference using this as it softens the look.  There's not too much left now that I look at these pics, so I'll maybe use it up soon.

Phew, that was quite a long story wasn't it?  Onto another Lancome product and you'll probably recall me getting this in the Christmas gold glittery box that was filled with products (and purchasable for a special price when buying spending a certain amount) last year?  Well this was a full sized item and I'm very glad as it's something I probably wouldn't have purchased myself as it's pricey, but I'm really loving using it.  I've stolen my images from before Christmas as I couldn't for the life of me get a decent shot of it this week.  
It's Blush Subtil in 02 Rose Sable which is a rosy tone with a browny base, which applies quite...I don't want to say orangey, but it is a coral-ish pink but deep (not like the numerous shimmering peach blushes out there), the colour is actually quite unique I think (in no way base it on the swatch on the Lancome site).  You need a light hand to apply it as it's easy to look overdone as the brush picks up colour easily (I'm using Dior Backstage Cheek brush), so start light and build it up if needed.  It gives me a lovely flush of colour and we all know I'm rather fond of cheek colour ; )

Penultimately, is a cheapo product, 17 Perfect Pout Lip Liner in Fawn.  I mentioned last month that I sharpened all my lip pencils which got me using ones I'd forgotten about or never tried rather than the same one or two.  I think this one is still available (quick check reveals it is still online although out of stock in this colour and the whole line seems to have been re-branded from 17 to Seventeen, shows you how long ago it was since I've been in Boots)! I always struggle to find light shades of lip liner that actually show up on the lip.  The lightest shade in the majority of brands or those that they would recommend for wearing with nude colours always have that terracotta tone and are far too brown.  This one is pale enough that it doesn't show (Playboy bunny style lips not such a good look), but you still get a pigmented colour for a base rather than just a frost or shimmer finish.  It's pretty smooth too without dragging and you could buy a couple for a fiver, so you can't complain.   
Lastly, I finished whatever cleanser I had been using (how bad is my memory that I have no idea what it was?) and looked through my personal 'Boots store box' to see what I could try next.  I found this Soap & Glory Face, Soap And Clarity, so thought I'd give that a go.  It's a really refreshing face wash, that leaves your skin feeling super clean and revitalised.  I apply a pea sized amount to wet hands and massage in a circular motion on my face until it forms into a rich lather, then wash it off.  There are small and sporadic 'gritty' beads to exfoliate but it feels gentle enough to use daily. My skin has been really bad for months and I don't know if it's down to this cleanser or a new moisturiser I've been using (Soap & Glory For Daily Youth) but other than a few blemishes, the rest of my skin feels and looks so much healthier.  It's clear and plump and just really glowy and healthy, I'm very impressed.  I would certainly consider repurchasing this.    
So that's it for another month....I've got a couple of items in mind for next month that I've been using quite a lot this week.  Have you tried anything here or would you like to?


  1. I've still got an eyeshadow from like 8 or 9 years ago, I'm scared to use it up because I won't be able to get it ever again :(

    1. At least powder doesn't go 'off' like other makeup can! x

  2. Diamonds and Pearls is absolutely gorgeous! I want that the Soap & Glory face soap now. x x


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