Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Monster High Monday: Robecca Steam

Ah, the beautiful Robecca Steam. I don't want to start this post on a downer, but it was never going to be easy to compete with the striking, dark and exotic looking features that make up this stunning doll. I went into it a little tentatively and while I found duping the colours easy enough, the application was a little more tricky. The finished result? Well, I'm no Robecca it has to be said!
See what I mean? Gawgeous! She's one of the newer characters and you'll probably recall my post last year when I got her. I find her English accent a little irritating from what I've seen of her in the webisodes/movies, but she seems very sweet and I'm looking forward to new versions of her (better than the Dance Class one which didn't do it for me).
She's got lots of really cool and quirky details like her cog shaped eyes and rivets which I couldn't begin to replicate, but I did try out the shimmery skin and gave the colourful eye application a go. Her deep purple lips are the perfect finish to her look. Sadly my hair isn't as blue as this just now (really need it fixed soon but trying to put it off for as long as possible).
So starting with the face and I mixed Pout Face & Body Illuminator in Love Glow in equal proportions to Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra 24h in shade 005. I think they actually complimented each other rather well. It's kinda hard to notice any shimmer in these photos, but there was a definite pearly sheen and shimmer in the flesh. I only applied the littlest bit of ELF Studio HD loose powder and some Illamasqua RF115 as an undereye concealer. I had wanted to try a bronzey or at least warm peach cheek as a nod to Robecca's bronze skin, but I didn't think a warm tone like that would work well with the cool toned eyes and deep purple lips, so just used a little of MAC's Don't Be Shy, a sweety pink blush.
For the eyes, I knew I'd need something intense or a least more precise than powder for the technique I was about to try, so on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I used the lilac end of a chunky pencil (Stuf Duo Eyeshadow Pencil in 04 Musky Cruise) to create my base shape. If you look closely at her eyes, the lilac section tapers into a sharp point right up at the end of her eyebrow. The colour wasn't enough on it's own, so I applied Exclusive (also available in a duo eyeshadow) from the Too Faced Liquif Eye Shadow palette over the top. This surprised me by being much more purple that I'd thought, but I wasn't about to restart the whole thing!
Then I had to add the pewter shade from Lancome's Colour Focus Quad in 350 above the crease but below the brow. On Robecca it looks like it works in opposition to her brows, so I just started following the crease in the inner corner of the eye, but ended it straight across ignoring the crease and leading into the lilac section. She also has a thin brown line, similar to Ghoulia last week but this time not properly following the natural crease. For this I went into the same TF palette and used Full Frontal (again available as a duo if you don't own the palette) which is a deep bronzey brown. I used a thin eyeshadow brush and keeping one eye in the mirror and one on Robecca, just winged it as best I could! I definitely looked at the doll for a guide much more than previous weeks. It looked very Halloween-ish, probably because I'm not familiar with wearing such severe lines, but that's what looks great on Robecca.
I finished with a lot of YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil! On Robecca, her lashes create a cool effect going against the lines of her eyeshadow, but my wee lashes will not stretch anywhere close to my brows, so that was out for me, but I tried to emulate it a little using the eyeliner. On my lashes is Lancome Hypnose mascara.
Finally for the lips, I applied Lancome Le Crayon Contour in Violette with Topshop Lips in Ruthless, which is an almost black purple. There's a dusky sort of tone to Robecca's lips, so I added some Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Facade (a deep taupe brown) and blotted and reapplied this process until I got the correct tone.
I cheated a little and changed my eyes to deep brown rather than the lighter shade of Robecca's cogs because remembering back to Clawdeen-week, the yellowish tone was scary and I already had enough weird eye things going on this week! Looking back at these images whilst writing the post, it actually turned out better than I'd first thought. What do you think?

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