Friday, 15 March 2013

Monster High: Catrine DeMew & Other Dolls

It's a Friday and I thought some cute dollies would welcome us into the weekend! My Monster High 'Catrine DeMew' arrived from Paris (well online at Asda actually, but that's a little less glamorous), she is an Asda exclusive if you're looking for her.  However, more about her later in the post.
I mentioned in my last Monster High post that my sister completely changed the look of her Howleen (Dance Class), so I took some photos to show you. Remember she originally came with bunches, which I took out and made into one bun? Well this is what my sis did....
Completely different to mine!  Howleen has the softest hair, it's great to play around with and despite her having quite tight curls, they were easy enough to brush out. My sister looked through her spare Bratz clothes and found a new outfit and she's very happy with the finished result. The boots by the way, were purchased for her Blythe dolls, but she's given a few pairs to her MH's!
While nosing around her room, I decided to take photos of things I haven't photographed before, for you. These are her more recent MH dolls. From left to right: Ghouls Alive 'Frankie', Picture Day 'Draculaura', Scaris 'Ghoulia', Scaris 'Skelita Calaveras', 'Venus McFlytrap', I Love Fashion 'Frankie', Dot Dead Gorgeous 'Draculaura'.  
 and her other MH's.
Build-a-Bear Harajuku Lovers panda with mini G and a couple of new (tall) Bratz. On the left is 'In The Wild' and on the right is 'Totally Polished', both Jade.  
For Christmas I gave her the animator dolls from Disney; Merida (just love that cheeky face) and Mulan. She ordered Pocahontas online when I ordered my Ariel and Tiana dolls. There's a crazy looking 'On The Mic' Jade (Bratz) in the middle of them and Penelope Von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph (she bought half the Disney store before she'd even seen this movie).
Hello Kitty and friends Pop! Vinyl figures.   Remember I bought a Kurhn doll from China? These were the two my sister bought.
A glow-in-the-dark (yes you read that right) Bratzillaz 'Midnight Beach' Jade J'Adore, wearing a spare Kurhn outfit.    
Jade J'Adore in Romantic Spell outfit (both Bratzillaz).  
'Magic Night Out' Jade J'Adore (Bratzillaz)
Finally, my Catrine DeMew. She's soooo pretty, she didn't have any imperfections either which was good as I was buying online. I took her scarf off from round her neck and wrapped it around her head and despite her lilac and pink hair being sticky-solid when she arrived, I managed to brush it out but still hold the curl.
I love that she has swirly legged sunglasses just like my Prada ones and these could be the cutest MH shoes ever. Paint-brush heels? Love it.
She's completely different from Toralei, my other cat who is orange and striped and doesn't have this adorable nose detail. Catrine is pure (almost glowing) white and her tail takes up rather a lot of room on my shelf! There was a bit of rearranging to find room for her.
I love her Paris scene handbag (which actually opens) and she comes with a tool belt for her brushes. It took several attempts to get her tail to stay on, her belt and the stand on and her clothes sitting/tucked in neatly.
There you have it! Are there any dolls you fancy from this lot?


  1. Catrine DeMew is absolutely gorgeous, so tempted to buy her if I see her. I adore the face sculpts and design of the MH dolls.

    1. lots of people finding her in the shops just now, so keep an eye out! x

  2. Your new doll is SO PRETTY! I think she might be the best one so far! (I haven't bought any yet - as I'm afraid of getting sucked in and then obsessing and buying ALL the dolls :) - and they're quite overpriced over here in the Czech Rep. - but I'd be very tempted to buy this one if I saw her in store)

    1. Thank you! Yeah I didn't expect to own quite this many when I started out, but they keep bringing out more and more!


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