Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Swatches: YSL Rouge Pur & Couture Lipstick

Here's the next half of my Yves Saint Laurent lipstick collection (you can find my Rouge Volupte swatches here). This time the lipsticks are Rouge Pur and Rouge Pur Couture. I'll start with Rouge Pur, which come in a lightweight gold plastic case with red and black logo on one side of the lid (note a couple of mine here are in tester packaging).
The case doesn't feel as luxurious as the RV's and isn't as pretty I don't think. The lipstick has a satin finish and as you will see from mine there are various finishes within that, duo-tone, shimmering etc. I find the colour is rather opaque and is reasonably close to the shade you see in the tube. I think I'm correct in saying these have been phased out for the Couture line which now comes in various forms (lustre, vintage, matte).
The shades are in numerical order, from left to right in all images and are as follows:
34 Golden Copper
49 Tropical Pink
59 Golden Melon
126 Cashmere Pink
138 Pink Orchid
142 Honey Beige
147 Hazelnut
Golden Copper (34) is as the name would suggest a metallic copper and has a duo-chrome finish that looks very dark brown in one light then completely copper in another (I've tried to tilt my hand in the swatches to show both sides for these ones). Tropical Pink (49) was the brightest lipstick I owned until MAC's Viva Glam Nicki. It's neon Barbie (blue) pink, so so bright with a satin finish. Golden Melon (59) is another duo toned lipstick, salmon pink in one light and metallic gold in another. It has quite a metallic, frosty finish. Cashmere Pink (126) is a medium brick pink with quite a glossy finish. Pink Orchid (138) is a warm coral-ish pink and the fine shimmer you can see in the tube is not noticeable when swatched. Honey Beige (142) is a clean honey/camel shade and Hazelnut (147) is a light-medium brown and these three shades all have a satin finish.
Next are my two Rouge Pur Couture. The smaller one was a GWP. Again they come in gold casing, slightly heavier than RP but lighter than RV. The lid takes up 3/4 of the length of the tube with a small YSL engraved logo which splits between the base of the case and the lid.
YSL is engraved into the actual lipstick and again there are different finishes within the satin-like formula. The lipstick delivers a radiant colour with medium to full coverage. The two shades I own are 37 Rose Deesse (full size) and 09 Rose Stiletto (mini).
Rose Deesse (37) is a barely there nude shade that gives a shimmering finish to the lips and is on the sheer side although it can be layered for a little more colour. Personally I wear this as a layering lipstick, either to lighten other lipstick or with a lipgloss for a gorgeous light nude lip. Rose Stiletto (09) is pretty similar to Rose Cashmere (RP) above. It's a medium brick pink, although leans more red than Rose Cashmere.
I would say I don't reach for these as often as my Rouge Volupte lipstick, but there's still lots of lovely colours here. I really enjoyed using Rose Deesse during my lipstick challenge the other week as I was trying out lots of different glosses over the top which stopped the minimal colour becoming boring.  Have you got any Rouge Pur lipsticks or see any you'd like here?  I am also open to requests for swatching a series of things like I've done with my YSL lipsticks, so if there's anything you know I own that you'd like to see swatched or compared, then let me know.


  1. 126 & 59 are stunning!
    I love your posts they're always so helpful when I'm looking for new make-up thank you for all your advice and recommendations!

    1. thanks for saying that, I like to know if I'm boring people with swatches or if they're helpful ; ) x x x

    2. Which one of the two last the longest on your lips through normal things like eating please?: The original Rouge Pur or the Rouge Pur Couture? Thanks and have a lovely day : )

    3. I haven't paid much attention to be honest! I'll do a little experiment and get back to you on it x

  2. Would you happen to know of any dupes or similar colours to the rouge pur 126 ? Any help in the right direction would be so grateful! :) thank you!

    1. No problem, I will put together some swatches for you.

    2. Hello, I've put together a comparison swatch post for you now, you can see it here http://pinkhairedprincess.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/comparison-swatches-ysl-cashmere-pink.html


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