Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Swatches: YSL Rouge Volupte & Perle Lipstick

A couple of weeks back it was a lovely bright day, perfect for taking photos and seeing as I've been intending to swatch all my YSL lippies for some time, I got to work. I'll start with the Rouge Volupte which I only have 4 of. Actually there's almost £100 worth in this photo (one lipstick retails for £23.50-£24.50), so I shouldn't be so flippant!
The Rouge Volupte nude shades are gorgeous (although I want to be more adventurous and try some darker or brighter colours). They are also usually quite hard to find. I've searched for months in some cases to track down a certain shade which remained out of stock all that time. The heavy gold case feels luxurious and the ornate band around the middle is really pretty. The colour of that band roughly translates to the colour of the lipstick inside. The lipstick itself also feels like a little bit of luxury. The texture isn't too rich (thick) but is creamy, it glides on and feels very smooth and the colour is usually opaque in one swipe, but can be built up for an even deeper shade. I have one Perle lipstick which I believe have just recently been discontinued to make way for the Rouge Volupte Shine (essentially the same thing). This lipstick applies more sheer and feels a little thinner, but again can be layered for depth. It has a high shine finish and looks extremely glossy and pearly, there's also a very fine shimmer throughout. The band around the outer tube also reflects the pearly finish, but otherwise is the same packaging.
The colours from left to right are:
Rouge Volupte Perle 116 Milky Pink
Rouge Volupte 7 Lingerie Pink
Rouge Volupte 2 Sensual Silk
Rouge Volupte 1 Nude Beige
Here are the swatches, completely true to colour (note the line-up is in the opposite way to above).  
You can really see the way the Perle one catches the light in this next image
If we were judging this by shade name, I would say Sensual Silk is actually more of a nude than Nude Beige, which has a more orangey-tan tone.  Lingerie Pink is a bright-ish warm pink, while again the shade name doesn't suit the Perle lipstick.  It's not a milky pink, more of a bright coral.  I have loads of the Rouge Pur lipsticks, so that post will be coming up later in the week.  These RV's are definitely some of my favourite lipsticks from my entire collection.  Have you tried YSL lipstick?


  1. Number 116 is absolutely chuffin' gorgeous! x x

    1. I'm wearing it this week, yesterday with a dark fuschia lip pencil underneath and it really changed the look to pink, today I used a light nude lipstick underneath and it was pale and shimmery on top of that : )

  2. aaww. I like your YSL lipsticks! I'm so jealous! im really thinking of getting one and im not sure what color. but almost everyone likes lingerie pink and nude beige. :)


    1. Yes, they're such pretty colours. I actually think Sensual Silk is my favourite of these.


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