Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Still A Barbie Girl

I'm sure you all know by now I'm a rather big fan of the Barbie range at Miss Selfridge.  I've bought several tops over the years and was pretty excited when they made patterned leggings last year!  I've been holding off placing another order, but think I will now that they've added some more things that take my fancy.
Starting with a vest that was 'new in' this week. The Dip Dye Hair Vest £22 features Barbs with pink hair...what's not to love?  This is a definite 'yay' for me.
Also 'new in' are these Black Print Leggings £28...
and matching Black Print Body £25.  I love that black is the base colour for these prints as it makes them different to the set I already own (that was totally just me justifying it to myself).  I definitely want the leggings, but can't decide if I need the body too??
I've been keeping an eye on these Love Legging for ages!  Finally today, they popped into the sale at £15, so I'll definitely be snapping them up.  Again the print is really different to the ones I already own and I don't own any (non Barbie) leggings like this anyway.  I do keep thinking 'I Love Ken' says 'I Love Men' though!
Next up are another pair I've been contemplating purchasing for a while, but think they are maybe too similar to the pair I already own.  The Printed Legging £28 have a mish-mash of Barbies through the ages, even as an astronaut and in a rather snazzy vintage car.  They make me feel nostalgic!
You can also get the matching Printed Body £25.
Something else new in this week is the Plastic Forever T-Shirt £22.  It looks a little on the cropped side to me and I like my tops long, so I can tuck them in, so I don't think I'll be getting this one, as cute as it is.
This one from last year is definitely cropped, so not for me.  I love the modern print on the Group Shot Crop Top £22 though.
Finally the black Slogan Vest £22, which I keep considering buying.  It would fit into my wardrobe easily and I like the 'studded' Barbie slogan.   I can't decide whether to just get all the things I want now or hope some more go into the sale.  I haven't bought any clothes or shoes for ages now though and I think I'm starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms and need a little pick me up!
*update on what I bought* I got the pink dip dye hair vest, black leggings and love leggings. I also ordered two dresses in the sale (wishful thinking on my part that they would actually fit) and they looked pretty hideous on me (!), so they'll be going back.
Something else I have my eye on is this DRM TM Mug Shot Print T-Shirt from the men's section at ASOS.  You may know I bought my gorgeous Marilyn Monroe t-shirt from the male shop and the fit was actually really great on me (size M if I recall).  I was browsing the other week and spotted this, which they are calling 'mug shot' but it's pictures of our fave music stars as kiddies!!  I really want this for one reason (which will become apparent below) and by luck it popped into the sale this week at half price!  I no longer have my Premier account (see I really haven't been shopping for ages), so can't decide whether to renew it to get this (and it'll arrive tomorrow) or just get free style saver delivery and last out a little longer!
I believe I am correct in saying from left to right is: Mariah Carey (with Whitney-esque hair), the adorable Usher then Tupac.  Below that is Pharell (hasn't changed a bit), I think Jay-Z and is that really Eminem? Next row is Gwen Stefani, a rather cute looking Kanye (?) considering the ego-jerk he has turned into now (!) and Missy Elliot.  
As much as I love the print on this, I would be pretty happy if it featured only one giant picture.  Yes, of my husband Usher! Look at how absolutely adorable he looks as a child.  Our kids are going to be so freakin' perfect with those genes ; )

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  1. This post has just totally reminded me i have a really awesome barbie sweatshirt in my wardrobe which i never wear !
    Thank You :)
    Love the mug shot T-shirt too !
    Who knew Kanye could look so innocent !
    Launa xx

    1. Me too and the jogging bottoms to match-from ASOS? Never worn mine as I'm not really sure how to wear them, the sweatshirt is like the least flattering thing on the planet on me, but I love the print!

  2. Oh! The black barbie bodysuit! I LOVE it! I wish the AU$ didn't suck so much!

    1. I wish Miss S did bigger sizes too and I'd buy a lot more! Thankfully the T's always seem to fit and the leggings aren't too bad. I ended up leaving the black body but got the leggings in that print.

  3. Hey, I thought I'd let you know that I've mentioned you in my latest post. Hope you don't mind :)

  4. I love barbie! A lot of barbie merchandise is tacky but I thing these buts are very fun and quirky :)

    1. yeah I like them, loving that they're doing leggings and body's rather than sticking to vest and T's.

  5. GWEN is on that shirt!! OMG!


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