Monday, 14 January 2013

Monster High Monday: Home Ick Frankie

It's 'Monster High Monday' again! Barely feels like a week between posts and yet it's been a fortnight since I last posted. This week it's the ultra cute Frankie Stein from the classroom themed collection, she was Home Ick!
I gave her Ghoulia's spare glasses, so she's even cuter! Beneath that she has one green eye and one blue, bolts in her neck (no prizes for guessing who she's the daughter of) and green skin. This doll, has a white shimmer shadow base, with a pale, dusky blue over the lids and along the lower lashline. Her lips are bright red.
After taking an eternity to decide which doll I would choose for MHM today, I rather liked my final decision. I thought it would be easy to find an eyeshadow dupe (it wasn't and took me trawling through drawers of palettes and so on), but the application and rest of the face was easy enough. As always, I've managed to switch my eye colour (twice the work to do this week) to match my dolly! I was going to add the cheek scar then decided that was maybe getting too carried away!
So on my face is a secret foundation I'm testing which I can't divulge yet (ooh very exciting) along with Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact in Transparent Opal and the tiniest bit of No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour in 10 Soft Damson on my cheeks.
The lips were spot-on again, although the flash changed the colour and finish slightly (it looks lighter, sheer and metallic here, it wasn't). I used a red lip pencil with Chanel (lipstick) Rouge Allure in 08 Brilliant.
My eye base was Too Faced Shadow Insurance with Hard Candy 'Eye Candy' in Peppermint Patty applied all the way up to the brow. I then used a blue taken from a Bobbypin palette just up to the crease. The colour looked perfect in the pan, but was indeed overspray and applied much darker, so I blended that out as best I could and added a combination of Hard Candy Eye Candy in Gum Drop and Victoria Beckham Cosmetics eyeshadow in 303 Airy, taking it along the lower lashline too. Eye liner is YSL waterproof pencil and L'Oreal Carbon Black SuperLiner with a mystery mascara (again I'm trialling this, so can't disclose what it is yet).
And there we have it for another week! Probably best to mention before I forget that my roots have just been bleached and I'm not actually trying out a new Jeremy Kyle style makeover! You can see my whole outfit and look as always, on The Shoe Girl Diaries (actually been organised and managed both posts in one day today) and I'll see what I can come up with for next week!


  1. hadn't checked on you for a while
    and love your new hair coulour :)
    you have odd (blue/green) eyes btw?
    good looking anyways★

  2. Hello! Coloured eyes purely for this post ; ) The hair is back to dark blue, it was just in the bleached stage here : )

  3. Are you wearing the Lancome Teint Idole here?

    1. No, it's a new foundation Lancome haven't launched yet....; )


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