Sunday, 20 January 2013

(Belated) Christmas Presents!

Christmas. Seems like an age ago now doesn't it? I can't quite believe that it's not even been a month yet, but anyway I uhhmed and ahhed over whether or not to put together a 'Christmas pressie' post and in the end decided it would be quite fun. I hadn't quite realised the amount of photos I took until it came to editing them all today. Took some time!
My main pressie from Santa were these adorable deer ornaments and my Disney Villains, 'Cruella De Vil' designer doll. I'm going to do a separate post on her because she is so spectacular. I find myself just staring at her, she's so amazing! I also got the Villains sticky notes set in my stocking...or was that from my sister? Can't quite remember.
This Christmas was certainly the year of the stationery for me! I got notebooks in an abundance! The one below was in my stocking and the Gorjuss one was a gift from a friend.
I also got this 'Vintage Fashion Journal', I think from my sis (?) and it's beautiful. It's got all these wonderful printed pages and little fashion related quotes. I couldn't resist giving you a good peek at some of the pages...
My sister wraps her presents beautifully every year. She always attaches a little Cadbury's Christmas chocolate to the ribbon and she's really into Belle & Boo (completely adorable btw), so bought this wonderful sticky tape which she used to spruce up some plain boxes, which contained my presents. She literally spent hours individually wrapping each thing.
I loooove Sergei the 'Go Compare' meerkat. I actually want to marry him! So she got me this little book, which I haven't had time to read yet.
I'm bordering on obsessed with My Little Pony just now, so she got me these cute hair clips...
...and some plasters. Is it wrong I want to 'get hurt', so I can use these?
She got me three animal themed rings...
and this adorable bracelet. The horse was initially on a necklace, which she knew would be too short for me, so she got her beads out and made it into a cute bracelet for me. I love personalised things like this : )
I got a shoe purse and some kawaii stickers from another friend
From another friend, this totally ace Anna Sui notecard set (which by the way will never make it out of my hands). Each card is different and it comes with envelopes and stickers. I want to put these up all around my room!
A little eyeshadow set and nail file
In my stocking, this cute dolly sponge
this carriage necklace
some tights and horse scarves
Marilyn Monroe and Cath Kidston mints!
Some 'nice' coat-hangers and my Dad always buys us a little something extra and he usually gets me this fabulous shoe calendar. You get to change the image each day.
And I used money from my Grandad to buy the majority of these boots (silly me should have waited until they were further reduced and I would've saved myself another £50, but oh well)! they were my first present all wrapped under the tree and everyone who came to the house was rather enamoured with the brightly coloured, large box!
Oh and a ton of Cadbury's chocolate, because we all know I love every form! I'm rather shocked I managed to make it last until the other day!
Finally, my family are rather obsessive about Christmas and start counting down the days from October! I do like it too, but tend to reserve my excitement for cute shoes and makeup! So my Mum got me this sign, which she thought summed up Christmas for me. It actually did get to that stage a couple of days before Christmas and I just wanted the whole thing done with....ooh Scrooge!


  1. Great post! Loads of awesome gifts :)

  2. OMG I am IN LOVE with that Journal!

  3. Eee, so i'm in love with EVERYTHING you got! How precious are those deer ornaments and also I NEED those My Little Pony hair clips!

  4. Aww so many adorable gifts! I love seeing people's gift posts xx

  5. What marvellous gifts Gemma, wow, they know you well!x

  6. What wonderful gifts! I especially love/envy the Anna Sui note card set. :)

    1. Yeah my friend knew I wouldn't want to give them away! x


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