Friday, 25 January 2013

Monster High Video: Ghouls Alive!

Hello! I'm just back from a charity lunch my Mum wanted me to attend (been out twice this week which is huge for me!) and it's started snowing really heavily after sleet all morning.  Anyway this morning, I quickly made this short video of two of my new Monster High dolls that arrived yesterday.  They are from the Ghouls Alive! collection which I was intrigued by from the out-set as they are the first interactive MH dolls making noises, 'moving' and glowing.  What I didn't bargain on, was them being so darn brilliant! They are much cuter than I expected and the 'animated' element is really good, so I'm thrilled with them both.  I got Frankie and Clawdeen (you can also get the spooky glowing ghost Spectra but I don't collect her) and both come in slightly modified versions of their 'original' outfits.  Even although I own both versions, I feel you can definitely justify it, as the dolls look almost completely different and the outfits aren't too similar.  

Frankie Stein, lights up and 'sparks' when you press a button on her stomach.  She looks so cute and innocent, then you press the button and her ribs and face light up and she's noisy too! It's pretty funny and surprising if you don't already know what she does!
Clawdeen Wolf, operates with a lever in her back and her head tilts back, her eyes close and her arms go up and she howwwwwls! It's is mega cute, I love it! I could do it all day....I also want to get her dancing to Thriller or Everybody (Backstreet's Back), she could totally work that!  My 'Monster High Monday' makeup inspiration this week featured the original version of Clawdeen, so click here if you haven't seen that yet.
I also ordered my girl, Ghoulia (Scaris).  You can put her hands in the pockets of her hoody.  Hands in pockets, erm totally cool!  My sis also got Ghoulia and GA Frankie along with Picture Day 'Draculaura'.  She also got a glow in the dark 'Jade' Bratzillaz.  Yep, the entire doll glows, soooo cool!


  1. I am head over heels in love with these! I've been trying to distract myself from the Monster High dolls because I know I'll become obsessed haha xo


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