Monday, 7 January 2013

Video: Doll Collection-Storage

There's no "Monster High Monday" today for various reasons. It's the only feature I've been able to keep up with over Christmas, so I didn't want to bombard you with yet another post of the same thing, plus it was raining so I didn't get dressed today anyway. I also have loads of other things to catch up on after being computer-less all weekend after a bust-up with my Mum. It was pretty bad! I don't want to go into too much here but it ended up with me almost killing myself by doing way more than I'm capable of, in a bid to prove I couldn't do it (what can I say, I'm twisted like that!). Anyway, it resulted in a huge shake-up of my dolly storage in my bedroom (rather randomly). I used to collect My Scene dolls and had...maybe 70-80. A lot! I've not thrown them out but decided I will no longer display them. I was actually more sad about this than I realised when I started packing them away! Some of them were real cute : ( Here they are alongside two Monster Highs that I didn't have room for anywhere else.
Anyway I intended to take pictures of them all individually, but I would never get round to editing that many photos and the boxes of them are now under my bed and the trouble it took me to get the darned things in there-I'm never getting them back out!
I got the Cruella DeVil 'Villains' doll from Santa and really wanted her displayed, along with all my Monster High dolls which have been lying around here and there. I then purchased three more Villains dolls (gutted I missed Maleficent) in the sale, as I think they are absolutely incredible. They all come in decent hard plastic cases, so I have displayed them on my bottom (slightly smaller) shelf. More detailed images of them to come when I find time. I had hoped to get my small collection of Bratz on this shelf too, but there's not enough room. Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Cruella (101 Dalmatians) and the Evil Queen from Snow White.
So on the top shelf are my 'fancy' Barbie dolls, still in their boxes. MAC Barbie, Tarina Tarantino, 50th Anniversary '1962' Brunette bubble cut Barbie and Generation of Dreams Barbie. In front of them (yes I realise they are now almost totally obscured, but I have little room) are all my Monster High (well minus two that I haven't de-boxed yet).
It turns out I have 30 MH (plenty of weeks of 'Monster High Mondays' ahead then). I kinda expected it to be more than that really, although I am relatively strict with my doll purchases now. As they are all pretty much in their original outfits, I thought I'd make a wee video for you today of the whole collection if you're interested? I speak in it, so you'll need the sound up. My arms were aching afterwards (and during) because the shelf is so high up and my camera so heavy (hence the somewhat shaky hands at times).

If you don't have time to watch the video just now, here's what the top shelf looks like;
I'm not looking forward to keep them all dust-free, a "harbour for stoor" as my Granny would've said. The My-Scenes were absolutely caked in dust because I'd neglected them, sorry dollies! Anyway, I hope you like the video and pics. I would think, judging from these photos that I don't have room for (m)any more...but I do have a list of new and recent Monster High collections that I'm still keen to obtain. We'll see!


  1. Wow!! I really want to get my My Scene dolls out of the parents' attic next time I'm there now, although I have nowhere to put them.
    Your wallpaper is so cute!

    1. heehee, I felt so guilty putting mine away, but then all my Sindys were stored away years ago too (and sadly didn't stand up too well to being kept in the shed, so are now in the attic). My wallpaper is one of my most prized possessions!

  2. These are all fantastic-looking dolls! It must be worth a fortune, especially those that haven’t been taken out of the box yet. I’m actually a designer, and I use dolls as my canvass for designing clothes. I also buy ready-made doll clothes and accessories to experiment on different looks. I now have like hundreds of these lying around my studio.

    Chris Jeffery

    1. My Granny used to say I shouldn't play with the dolls and keep them in their boxes as they'd be worth more (not something a 4 year old wants to hear!!)


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