Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Charlotte Olympia Christmas

What is your opinion on festive themed shoes? Are you a firm believer in 'a shoe is for life not just for Christmas'? Or do you love cracking out those red velvet or sparkly shoes come 'holiday' season? As a typical Gemini, I can see arguments for both sides and I'm a little on the fence to be honest. While I'm trying to break the cycle of keeping certain shoes only to wear on important occasions, it's nice to have those fancy shoes that feel really special that you wouldn't wear every day. Charlotte Olympia have just released a wonderful limited edition collection of festive themed accessories and if I got my hands on any of these, I'd be wishing it was Christmas every day!
Of my hundreds of pairs of shoes, my striped Charlotte Olympia 'Greta' remain one of my favourites, so I would be thrilled to receive any of these on Christmas Day (Santa can work miracles right?)
Top of my list would be the Jingle Bell Dolly £625. The iconic 'Dolly' court has been reworked in rich, red velvet with gold metallic platform and the best bit; a detachable ankle strap covered in bells! It would probably annoy the hell out of you after 30 seconds, but I just love that idea of jingling...all the way! Plus it's great that it can be detached, so you could wear the red shoes all year round. Santa , I'll love you forever if I get these!
Failing that, I'd be pretty stoked with the Kiss Me Dolly £625. They are sooo Christmassy, yet so classy, just gorgeous! You would think they were too Christmas themed to wear throughout the year, but in fact the mistletoe is a shoe clip that can be removed. Amazing!
If you can't manage heels, the cult kitty flats have been reworked in two glitter colourways; black or silver, £495 each. They are bound to be popular and sell out quickly.
I actually prefer the Holly flats £595, which yes, are completely 'festive-period-only' shoes, but absolutely delightful nonetheless. They really do look good enough to eat... you could buy the matching Christmas Pudding clutch £495! I adore this, it's scrumptious! There's also a cute little Frostie purse £395, that has wonderful intricate details.
The Pandora perspex clutch has also been redesigned for Christmas and each set, as always, comes with three interchangeable zip purses to place inside. The Mistletoe Pandora £595, comes with red, green and black velvet inserts and fastens with a wonderful mistletoe clasp.
While the Surprise! Pandora £595, comes with bronze, green and red velvet purses and closes with a gold parcel bow!
I'm convinced there aren't any Christmas shoes or bags better than this, it's a FABulous collection! Absolutely brilliant. While on the theme of festive shoes, I recently guest blogged for the new Bias (Northampton) website on party shoes, so I'd love if you checked that out too! Would you like some Charlotte Olympia in your Christmas stocking?
P.S. Santa, I've mostly been a good girl this year...Jingle Bell or Kiss Me Dolly please ; )


  1. The glitter kitty and puddings flats are so delightful...and all of the bags. Amazing.

  2. I was lucky beyond my wildest dreams and actually got some Charlotte Olympia in my stocking. Still not quite over the shock! But, I do enjoy this collection and I love that the festive bits, in many cases, can be removed. Great idea.

    1. your glitter heels are gorgeous, you lucky lady!!


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