Monday, 3 December 2012

AX Paris: Plus Size

One of my many gripes as a plus-size lady, is the lack of 'boutique' style brands. You know the deal; you fall in love with a pretty print on a dress and yay, they have it in XL! You go to try it on and it turns out an extra large would struggle to fit a size 14. I've been there many a time and it's super annoying when you're looking for something that not every plus-size girl will own and is therefore not from one of the few 'high-street' brands that cater for women over a 16.
So did you know that AX Paris, renowned for their party dresses (which usually stop at a size 14), have their own 'curve' range for plus sizes? From sizes 16-26, the range mainly consists of dresses, but includes separates such as disco leggings, jumpers and shirts and I love this dip hem skirt (below)!
I like that the range isn't all to different from the main one, not only because it stays true to the brand image but because personally my style hasn't changed all that much from when I was a size 12 to now, at a size 18-20. My eye is still drawn to mostly the same things the 'thin' me looked for and there's nothing worse than plus-size ranges that involve metres of fabric in tent-like shapes that add bulk or aim to completely cover the body. Why should curvier woman be forced to cover their legs or arms if they don't want to?
There's lots of on-trend pieces here with dip hems, animal and floral prints that don't scream 'I bought this in plus-size'! I've been keeping an eye on the range over the past wee while and it seems to be getting bigger with more choice, which is always good. At the moment there aren't many wardrobe 'staples' or 'classics' in the collection, but I wouldn't think that's what you would shop there for in the first place. Like I said at the beginning, it's those slightly more unique outfits you're looking for and certainly there's plenty of dresses that I'd get a lot of wear out of. Students get 10% off plus there's free standard delivery on all orders over £45. For daily plus-size outfits, follow me at The Shoe Girl Diaries and details of all items shown here, below.

Image 1:  Collar dresses all £30 each.
Image 2:  Navy dress £35, lace dress £50, heart dress £35.
Image 3:  Heart jumper £35, disco leggings £19.99, skirt £29.  
Image 4:  Leopard dip hem dress £35, bird dip hem £40, embellished dress £40, floral strapless dress £45.  


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