Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bargain: ArtDeco Eyeshadow

You all know I'm a sucker for a bargain or extra points on my Debenhams beauty card. So a couple of weeks ago I was buying fragrance for my brother-in-law in Debenhams, for Christmas. They were running a 10% off and '500 bonus points' offer (when spending £40) and in order to qualify, I picked up another Clarins Instant Light, Natural Lip Perfector because I love this stuff and have finished my trial size. I figured spending another £16 (£14.40 with 10% off) was worth it when I was picking up £5 worth of bonus points (yes I have all kinds of weird rationalisation when it comes to 'offers'). When we got home I realised I'd like to get the Alien gift-set for my sister too, but waited another day, so I could qualify for the bonus points again (you can only get one set of bonus points per day). So the gift set was £42, but of course had 10% off, so that took it to below £40 and I only needed to spend a few £'s to qualify for the deal again (seems silly not to). I sent my Mum on a mission to get me something as cheap as possible. I looked online and said if she could find any ArtDeco stuff (I could recall seeing the Dita Von Teese collection instore the day previous), to buy me an eyeshadow or something. So she did well and came home with this one for me, which was £6 reduced to £5.40 and considering I got £5 of rewards, I like to think I paid 40p for it! You really can't go wrong with that can you?
I was shopping again in Debenhams this week (ahem Clarins haul coming soon) and decided to take a proper look at the ArtDeco stand for future reference, but could only find the DvT collection, so have no idea where Mum found this. She'd phoned me with several options of greys and other colours that I'd suggested, so there must be another stand somewhere else that I'm glad she found! The colour I got was 02 'Anthracite' and is one of the pearl shades. I've taken images with and without the flash, just so you can appreciate the wonderful shimmer in it.  My struggle beforehand was figuring out which colours I like because instore there are only shade numbers, online there are only shade names (really helpful!).  BeautyBay have both shade numbers and names, so I used that for reference.
The shade is a dark charcoal grey which has an almost taupe flash to it and I've worn it practically every day since, I love it! It isn't too dark that it can only be used as a liner/smudged along the lash-line as it has that lovely pearl finish.  I'm mostly using it in the crease and it looks wonderful. It's really soft, blends beautifully and lasts well with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath. The ArtDeco shadows and blush are supposed to be purchased in addition to a compact, where you can make up your own palette, hence the minimal packaging (you literally buy it like this, without a box or anything).  However for me, the little tile and plastic cover function perfectly well without the need for the compact.
I'll definitely be purchasing more colours when I find where the rest of the stand is located!


  1. So is Art Deco just in Debenhams?? I use matte white and just when I find a good one it gets discontinued (thanks Me, Me, Me!) and when searching online Art Deco came up as doing one.

    Aah, if only I still worked in Debs....I used to get 25% staff discount! LOL!

    1. Not sure, certainly never seen it in 'real life' anywhere else.

  2. They are in other places. A few salons etc and they have a few full stands in select debenhams. mostly they just have the Dita Von Teese stands with their art couture range attached which are their best sellers although the have their Golden Vintage on at the moment which is gorgeous.

    Their eyebase is an amazing products! And you are right, I am addicted to their 02 eyeshadow.

    1. Thank you for the info. Yesss, I saw the Golden Vintage stuff, looked fabulous.


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