Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Monster High: Venus McFlytrap

Dolls have gotten a lot cooler than when I was a kid! In my day it was a decision between blonde or brunette! A green skinned doll with a pink undercut, numerous piercings and visible veins wasn't even a dream, never mind reality! Monster High have come up trumps yet again though, with the very cutely named Venus McFlytrap, who is of course daughter of the plant monsters!
Back when I bought my Robecca doll, there was one Venus and I picked it up for my sister, knowing it was one she wanted. Had there been another one at the time, it's likely I'd have bought it for myself! While there are certain aspects of her style that aren't to my tastes, I just think she's a wonderful and unusual doll, so I was excited to see her in Debenhams again a couple of weeks ago. My sister and I have similar but different tastes in dolls and she usually goes for the more childish, punky or dark haired dolls and I gravitate more towards the opposite! So I'm not totally convinced Venus is a 'me' doll, as I find her very punky and a little childlike (she doesn't look as mature as say Clawdeen or Robecca), but I still wanted to add her to my collection. What I'm saying is, I don't know if I'll be buying her in every collection she comes in, but I'm happy with this one.
As she is an 'original' doll, she comes with all the fantastic details like I mentioned with Robecca. She has bright green skin (most true to colour with the flash in the pic above), leaf shaped ears with lots of earrings, veins in her hands like on a leaf and vine like jewellery up her arms and legs.
Her hair is poker straight, in bright pink and green. My sister can flip hers one way and Venus is completely pink haired and the green is hidden, but mine is more evenly distributed so I can't do that. On one side, similar to Clawdeen (Ghouls Rule), she has a fuzzy, flocked shaved head in bright pink. Her makeup is bright and bold and her lips have little teeth like a venus fly trap plant.
Her 'friend' is Chewlian (erm, best play on a name ever!), a venus fly trap with a snappy personality! Even the details on him are stunning!
She comes dressed in patterned cropped leggings and long top (which I tucked in), with a black mini-skirt and cropped denim waistcoat. While I think the look suits her, it's not my favourite MH outfit.  She also comes with a little fabric tote bag.
Her boots though? Amazeballs! Who thinks these things up? They are just fabulous. The vines are separate.  What do you think of this new character?


  1. Never seen these dolls before reading your blog, but everytime you put one up I look forward to seeing their unique traits and the shoes, of course! They're such creative designs. Venus did not dissapoint especially with those teeth on her boots. :)


  2. You're too into these dolls. These photos are more thorough than a crime scene investigation.

  3. She's gorgeous and I love the leaf & vine detail <3


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