Sunday, 18 November 2012

Swatches: Nail Polish (w/YSL Premiere Neige Top Coat)

So here are the swatches from the nail polishes I purchased recently. I have the eyeshadows etc for a separate post because it was a little picture heavy in one. I happened to be wearing my new MAC (Glamour Daze) Everything That Glitters polish the day I took these pics, so you can see that on my fingers too.  To remind you of the others; they are Hello Kitty (Superdrug exclusive) in Got Dat Thang (hot pink) and Respect (deep navy), along with Lancome Vernis In Love 'Ginger Swing 532' (Limited Edition) and YSL La Laque Couture in '33 Premiere Neige' (Limited Edition), which I've applied over the others (but more on that later).  I totally jumbled those descriptions from the line-up below but never mind!
I wore the Lancome one last week and although it was a pain to remove, it's beautiful on. It's got a multi-layered shimmer to it along with the metallic quality. The MAC one that is on my nails I wasn't so impressed with. I expected a glossy black and for it to be smooth; not that it's gritty, but it's just not smooth. Do you know what I mean? It's also chipped really quickly. The others I've only swatched, so I haven't got a good idea of their performance, although I have to say the HK ones seemed pretty opaque in one swipe which was impressive and are true to the colour in the bottle.
I haven't labelled each one as they are pretty obvious to spot. My camera will never show just how pretty the YSL top coat is, it has to be seen in person with movement and light to really pick up on the beautiful density and colours of the glitter. Here are the same polishes with YSL over the top.
I expected it to work best on bright or dark shades, so was surprised at just how beautiful it was over Ginger Swing (Lancome), it added even more depth to it (if that's possible).  The sparkles appeared bright violet over the pink HK and deep blue over Respect, which just goes to show it's changeable with every base.  Over MAC, you couldn't really see it, but I didn't expect to and wouldn't ever team a sparkly top coat over something so glittery anyway as it's a bit wasteful and pointless. 
When I was back in Debenhams last week the YSL top coat had gone, so I was lucky to get mine when I did.  I can see me using it, probably over every manicure for the next couple of months! Eyeshadow swatches to follow next week x


  1. New follower! I adore your blog, just spent a good 10 minutes reading some previous entries! x

  2. Beautiful blog!OMG the YSL glitter amazing!i think i will buy it!Love ysl nail polishes! <3


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