Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Monster High: Ghouls Rule Clawdeen

Hello chickadees!  Meet Clawdeen, my latest Monster High doll.  Well actually, she isn't because I purchased two more in the Debenhams sale yesterday!  The 'Ghouls Rule' range featured the MH girls in their wildest outfits, all ready for a Halloween party and there's a DVD (purchased separately) that will leave you wanting all the characters in it!  I'd already decided (pre-DVD) just to get Frankie from the range (she's still sitting in her box) and tried really hard not to get Clawdeen.  As much as I loved her hair and it's really, really fabulous, I felt there were many things about her outfit I didn't like.  
Man I was so wrong!  I'm soooo glad I got her, she's super amazing.  The outfit is crazy (good) and a little tacky and cheap (bad), but she has so much personality!  Firstly she came with a gold chest harness that I immediately took off and a belt that I'm not overly keen on either.  She has black fur attached to her purple cat-suit at the sleeves and removable fur around her lower legs.  I immediately took these off and tried them out on her head and she looked amazing!  She's like a crazy bird about to fly!
Her lilac hair is super long and 'shaved' at the sides with a leopard print pattern.  I. Want. This. Hair!!
I felt she looked a little lacklustre and severe straight out of the box (above), so took the pleated section on top of her hair and pulled it in front of her ear.  It makes such a difference and really softens the look.  The only negative of wearing the fur on her ears is the view of the leopard print is a little obstructed.  
She has green gloves painted on her hands and green eyeshadow with leopard print over one eye and a gold glitter design.  Her lips are pale lilac and you can barely see her little wolf teeth.  
She also comes with a mask to wear to the ball and as crazy as it is, she looks adorable in it.  
It wouldn't be a Monster High post without showing you the shoes right?  She comes with gold cuffs around her ankles and chunky platform buckled boots.  As much as I like the style of the boot, I wish it were better manufactured; that gold shade is too tacky for me (even if there had been another colour included on the details, it could have looked better), I just felt it was missing something.  It's the first time I've been disappointed with MH shoes, however like I said, she's completely won me over anyway despite these little niggles.  Expect more MH posts of my other new additions soon.  


  1. Man I love this post and that doll! Flipping amazing.

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey.



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