Monday, 19 November 2012

How-To: ASOS Unicorn Jumper

Now if you follow The Shoe Girl Diaries, you'll see my outfit was a little different from usual today.  I'm not a 'jumper person', actually you'll rarely see me in separates never mind a jumper.  Last time I wore one, I was skinny, it was skinny and it was about 12 years ago.  Jumpers are so 'in' this season and I wasn't going to jump on the bandwagon because it's not my style, but this adorable unicorn presented itself to me on ASOS and I had to have it.  Once I got it, I toyed with returning it, as cute as it is.  It was a size or two smaller than I usually take, but I possibly could have gone down another size.  It's quite chunky and I wasn't expecting it to have side splits and the front is slightly shorter than the back which I hadn't noticed online.  It felt a little 'boxy' on me and with a large bust, I usually opt for close-fitting clothes, so as not to make myself appear bigger than I am.  However the unicorn (and it's amazing rainbow hair) were too darn cute to part with, so I made it my mission today to make it work.
First thing that had to change was the sleeves. They are far too long for me and a little too loose fitting, but I'll let that go. I pulled them up to my elbows anyway.
The neck is reasonably low, so I added a crochet collar to add a touch more 'me' to the mix, by way of a polka dot tunic worn underneath from Dorothy Perkins.
Next came the awkward, what to wear on the bottom half conundrum. I decided to play it safe with black and went for this little frilly skirt from Primark I've had for years. I paired it with thick black tights and some pale pink, glitter shoes!
Then added a skinny patent belt around my waist for some definition.
You can see the full outfit here.  I think I liked it.  I'm so used to dresses, it's hard when you're completely out of your comfort zone. The whole layering thing I've never been very good at either, so that was a new thing for me too.  It was cosy anyway, maybe too cosy by the time I added my fleece lined tights!  I just had to add the sparkly shoes to brighten it up and think it looked quite 'me' by the end of it, what do you think?   


  1. Outfit looks ace, it really is such a cute jumper! The sparkly shoes tie it all together perfectly :)

    Cath x

  2. It looks lovely! You made it work for you and it's cute!!!! Aha, the unicorn jumper is cute, you are right, it DOES have a lovely face!x


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