Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monster High: Robecca Steam

My last Monster High post featured my new Clawdeen from Ghouls Rule, but a couple of months before I'd purchased her, I got a completely new character, Robecca Steam. I love her name, it's very fitting for the daughter of a mad scientist and the details on this doll are exquisite.
I'd been trying to reign myself in with MH purchases because I was struggling for room and can't afford to get them all! However when I spotted her in Debenhams along with Venus McFlytrap (which I got for my sister) I couldn't put her back on the shelf-she was too gorgeous! Plus at that point, I hadn't bought a doll in a while.  There were literally only these two dolls that were new and it's taken Debenhams until a couple of weeks back to restock their shelves (when I bought two more newbies), which has been months!  Unfortunately I don't have access to a toy shop locally to see a wide range of the dolls, so usually have to depend on buying online or getting my sister to buy them when she's somewhere further afield. So it's one of the few times I've actually had the opportunity to see in person and decide if she's for me or not.
Anyway, the reason it took me so long to do this post was because I took sooo many pictures, I had trouble narrowing them down and started procrastinating and they always got left on the back-burner for another day. My aim is to post MH things a little more regularly though because they always seem to be very popular posts statistically speaking and it's something that's always been a huge interest of mine. Do let me know if you like seeing these type of posts.  So here goes, like Clawdeen, there were several things about Robecca's outfit that I wasn't particularly keen on. I felt it was overkill with the blue plastic accessories when her skin is already so detailed, so I probably wouldn't wear them all at once. I think it's perfectly fine to want to modify the dolls a little to get them how you like (my sister for example brushed out the victory rolls and big fringe on Operetta whereas those are details I liked and would probably keep).  Robecca looks completely different with and without the flash as you'll see as the post goes on. The detailing of mechanical rivets etc throughout her entire body is amazing, I can't believe they really did her whole body like this. She's a darker colour with this wonderful pearlescent shimmer throughout, check out her hands here with and without the flash!
On the back of her calves are these little wheels, which I couldn't believe actually worked! You can rotate them all the way around. It's design details like this that for me, really make Monster High dolls stand out from the rest of the market. It's normally more prevalent in the 'original' dolls, which is why they are usually a little more expensive than the other lines. Still for that price (around £18), you'd never find a Barbie with that much detailing (maybe a pooping dog though!).
You know I always fall hard for the shoes and these boots are ahhhmazing! They are like rockets and I love the shading they've used to make them look a little rusty and more authentic (and that's what I felt was missing from the clean gold boots Clawdeen wore). Again it's something you wouldn't find on an everything is clean and bright-pink Barbie! You can really believe she's going to take off any minute in these boots and there's even a split in the back which allows room for the wheels on her legs.
She comes with a blue plastic cage-skirt over her dress and while I love the idea, I wish it had been made in the same colour as the boots with rust, because it felt a little tacky and too 'plastic' to me. I thought I would want to take it off immediately, but actually when I took off her arm cuff (which has a digital clock on it) and her bag, she already looked a million times better. It was just too much for me with the whole lot. The bag is actually pretty cool as it even opens! Again I'm not mad on the blue plastic, but I guess they really wanted to push 'blue' as Robeccas signature colour.
Her pet, is the adorable Captain Penny, the mechanical penguin, who doesn't need wings with that rocket pack!
She also comes with earrings and mad-scientist glasses...
Here eyes are cog-wheel shaped and she has bumpy rivets all along her forehead and hairline. She has long black hair with this fabulous metallic blue in large chunks and I love the dramatic dark purple lips against her skin. While I think she can look quite severe or serious (probably the bold eyebrows) and older than say the cutesy Draculaura or playful Lagoona; I believe she's one of the most beautiful and striking looking characters. Again you'll be able to see the difference in these images between the darker and shimmering skin with the flash and the lighter looking, less shimmer without.
I don't love her dress, but I don't hate it either. I like the little leather-look skirt and the pvc bolero can be taken off, which completely changes the look. Robecca, by this point was getting a little impatient and started doing the robot. Either that or taking 'walk like an Egyptian' style dance moves from Cleo de Nile!
Isn't she pretty?  Like I said, let me know if you like these posts, because I love my dollies, so am happy to share them here : )


  1. Im not a doll collector but these posts make me want to start! I love them and would be happy to see more of them on your blog x

  2. I love these kinds of post! Keep them coming :)


  3. These are amazing I don't think I would ever collect dolls like this but visually they are stunning
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  4. Ive always thought of collecting dolls as the baby and child style porcelain dolls that the older generation collect but you've given it a whole new twist ...ive actually started looking at the (very few) monster high collection of dolls in Tesco! Keep the posts up :) x

    1. I love them! A reasonably cheap doll to collect too.

  5. This is so cool, the doll looks exactly like one of my friends I will have to show her!! If only they would make those boots fro us real girls x

  6. Thanks for the detailed photos of Robecca Steam! Are there holes in her ears for the earrings? I got the dance version of her and she can't wear earrings...


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