Monday, 6 February 2012

Paloma Rocks The Pom Pom

I love Paloma Faith! I don't know all that much about her as a person, but I always look forward to seeing what she's wearing. She's fearless, gutsy, innovative with a retro twist and most of all, fun. She's in no way afraid of colour, print or textures and I just find her really inspiring.
Recently she was spotted wearing these fabulous shoes with huge fluffy pom poms, which I thought were absolutely adorable. They are in fact shoe clips, by Cleo B. Shoe clips are an old concept but one that I've seen re-emerging recently. They are easy to use, you literally just clip them on wherever you want them, on any shoe, much like a clip-on earring. It can completely transform tired footwear and add a splash of humour or glamour to your outfit.
Upon previously browsing the site, I had no idea these fluffy clips were quite so large; it's fantastic to see them in 'real life'. The large ones measure 12cm, medium are 7.5cm and small 5cm.  The only set-back is they are quite pricey and in this instance (even in the sale) cost more than Paloma's Nitelife 'Chloe' patent heels! However they are hand-made in the UK, should last forever and given that they can breathe new life to all your shoes (does that count as doubling your shoe collection?), they could be worth the investment.  There's lots of other clips to choose from, if fluff isn't really your thing, with crystals and even these art-deco inspired ones for a full-on vintage feel.  Sale prices start from £24.  Is this something you could see fitting into your shoe collection, do you like the idea of a removable/changeable feature? Or do you prefer your shoes to look exactly as you bought them?  Personally I can't get these large balls of fluff out of my head, Paloma totally sold them to me-I think they are freakin' fabulous!

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