Friday, 10 February 2012

Haul & Comparison Swatches: MAC Naturally Lipsticks

My MAC hauls have been much more sparse in recent months, because I've been trying to quell the obsession! I liked the idea of Daphne Guinness and Iris Apfel but in reality wasn't all that taken with them. Likewise 'Miss Piggy'-I felt a super cute limited edition packaging collection with lip colours and everything could have been lucrative, but a pink eyeshadow, some lashes and liner just didn't do it for me. 'Naturally' however, was a launch I'd been hotly anticipating, think the N-nude collection. A range of super wearable neutrals for the lips, eyes and face...for a nude lip worshipper, this was 'my' launch.
I ordered A Perfect Day, which seems to be the buzz-lip colour of this range (and promptly the sold out shade), which is an Amplified formula and MAC describes as 'light neutral pink'. It's similar to The Faerie Glen, Honeylove and Blankety in that group of 'not too light' neutrals. As it's Amplified, it has that thick, intense colour which I like.
The next one I got was Beach Sand. I'd say (and I haven't actually tried any of these on my lips yet-staying true to my lip challenge and all!) this maybe isn't quite as wearable as the others. It's got that yellowish-ness to the tan which can look a bit flat on some skintones. Although it doesn't look it in the comparison pics, it's probably most like Viva Glam Gaga 2 although that leans more toward peachy tones. Beach Sand is a Cremesheen though and we all know how much I love them.
Sweet Sunrise was my other purchase and I have to say I did debate this one. Is it one of those really light, sheer shades that I have dozens of? The fact I needed to purchase something else for free shipping (an extra £13.50 to save a couple of £'s, I know!) meant I got it. I'm sooo glad I did though. It is a lustre, but actually not as sheer as anticipated. MAC describe it as 'light neutral peach pink' and it definitely swatches more peach than the pink it looks in the tube. I'll wear this loads, it'll be great on it's own and fabulous with different glosses on top. I found a couple of pretty similar dupes which I'll explain at the end, but I have to say I've misplaced Creme D'Nude to compare (shitters, where is my gorgeous lippie?) and found another couple after swatching that possibly could've been included like Playing Koi (which I reckon would be much brighter).
I didn't buy any of the lipglasses as I rarely use the tonnes I own. I do already have Naked Space and possibly The Wee Coquette (can't quite recall), which of course I forgot to swatch. I do, as I mentioned, have some comparisons though which I thought you may be interested in if you can't locate the colours in this range.

A Perfect Day
Blankety (Amplified) is duller and more brown.
Jubilee (Lustre) is more tan.
The Faerie Glen (Lustre) is less peach and obviously more sheer regarding the colour/formula, but it's along the same lines.
Honeylove (Matte) is darker brown and more dull but has the same type of creamy colour finish.
Modesty (Cremesheen) is much darker with more red tones.
Sweet Sunrise
Natural Collection-Moisture Shine Lipstick in Apple Blossom is a little darker and more pinky coral than nude peach.
Goddess (Frost) I'm not sure why I chose this one because it's not a similar looking shade. It's got that strong metallic, frost finish and is much more copper than peach or nude.
Close To Real (Lustre) probably the closest, it's just slightly brighter.
Semi-Annual (Lustre) this is pretty close too, it's a little less peachy.
Naturally Eccentric (Lustre) is paler and doesn't have that peachy element, it's a neutral.
Barry M-Lip Paint in 154 Pale Nude again this is very close (and my lip colour of the week), it's a tad darker.
E.L.F.-Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph is less peach (more neutral) and a little more dull.
Beach Sand
Call My Bluff (Cremesheen) this is more brown rather than tan.
Siss (Satin) same type of tone although a little more yellow and intense in finish.
Freckletone (Lustre) is more orangey.
Viva Glam Gaga 2 (Amplified) most similar, but more peachy.
To Pamper (Lustre) not a very similar colour, it's more taupe/brown.

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  1. Very helpful post! Thanks! I got so excited when these lippies came out just because I'm such a fan of nudey pinks but honestly looking at the swatches I have enough lipsticks that look like all of those anyway. I think I'll just stick with the blushes. :)




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