Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Heavy Heart

This is going to sound really cryptic, but I've just had some really disappointing news today. It's in regards to a brand I had liked very much but can no longer trust. I hate being the drama queen and I hate stirring up trouble and most of all I hate possibly having a negative impact on such a company by writing a particularly negative piece. At the same time I feel I have a duty to be particularly honest with all of you and the way this company has reacted, they don't actually deserve the trade anyway. Anyway, I'll maybe have time to write it over the weekend and it'll be all out in the open then-I just wanted to prepare you ; )

I need to finish the day with a happy heart though, so to completely change the subject-check out these adorable Charlotte Olympia sandals. The 'Forever' platforms feature a gorgeous padded heart with ruffle and I'm kinda glad they didn't go too pink and heart-ish for the rest of the shoe. They are available now for pre-order and will ship no later than May.
I think they would make perfect bridal shoes, yet wouldn't be completely confined to that, what do you think?

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