Friday, 13 October 2017

Irregular Choice: Disney Muppets Preview 1

Irregular Choice Muppets Animal heels and handbag being held with branded frame
After the announcement last week, I'm delighted to share with you a sneak peek of the newest Irregular Choice Disney collaboration, The Muppets! We've been told to expect "glamorous shoes and fabulous bags featuring the one and only Miss Piggy, the world’s most famous frog Kermit, The Great Gonzo, Animal and other much loved characters". I'm struggling to contain my excitement to be honest, it's such a terrific pairing between the two brands and we definitely should expect wonderful things. Starting with drumming extraordinaire, Animal.

The Animal Was Here bag is a classic IC bag shape, which I usually refer to as the "vanity case" shape, but in reference to the character, I want to say "drum" instead. As is usually the case with the Disney releases, the characters are like they've come straight out of the screen, they are so well interpreted by Irregular Choice and this is just the perfect shape for Animal. Irregular Choice Disney Muppets fluffy Animal Handbag on white background
The hairy rocker's face fills the front of the bag with his wild facial hair, eyebrows and hair sticking out at all angles. He has a large pom pom nose and that toothy, crazed grin. He's so lifelike, you can almost hear his wild outbursts! Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Animal Handbag lying on side, showing fixed handle, fur fabric, lining and printed fabric
The back of the bag and lower surround are orange fur fabric, with "Animal!" embroidered in shouty letters. The bag has a zip opening and inner gussets to prevent items falling out when opening.  The upper surround is a black printed fabric with lots of Muppets characters on it. Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Animal Handbag orange fur embroidered back with backpack strap
There's 3 different ways to carry this bag. A fixed central handle to carry in the hand or a longer (detachable) strap to clip onto D-rings on each side to wear across the body or on the shoulder. Unlike previous versions of this style (see my review of Oh My from Mickey & Friends), there's also 2 D-rings and a loop at the back of the bag, so it can be worn as a backpack. Pretty cool.

Then we have the Louder Louder shoes. A bright red, hairy peep-toe with the fabulous furry heel we were introduced to in SS17. I loved that heel on my Cream Puff and it looks just as fabulous here (I like to brush the fur upwards, to make them look even fluffier/crazy). Irregular Choice red furry Animal shoes on white background
This time Animal's face sits across the toe, still with the wild brows and pom pom nose. As is customary, you can expect IC to throw in an extra little detail that they didn't have to and for me, it's the mouth on these. The front portion of the insole (beneath the peep toe) is Animal's mouth. So when looking from above, you get the full face. It's brilliant! close up detail on Irregular Choice Muppets Animal mouth and face on peep toeaerial view of Irregular Choice Louder Louder Muppets Animal shoes
One shoes features "Animal" and the other "Louder" down the side and there's a small glitter platform and exclamation mark detail at the centre back of the heel. side view of Animal embroidery on Irregular Choice Louder Louder red shoesred furry heel and Louder applique on Irregular Choice Muppets Animal shoes
This is our first look at the soles and insoles for this collection too. The inners are the same linings as the handbag, an all over Muppets print on that cushioned style fabric we've seen in the lining of Cinderella and Alice. The outer sole features a similar print but with a large Animal face on the pad of the foot and "Animal!" scrawled up the instep. close up detail of Muppets Animal on Irregular Choice Disney shoe sole
The Irregular Choice Muppets collection will be online and instores soon. I think both the bag and heels are fierce and fabulous, what about you? Excited? Let me know below and check out my Instagram and Facebook for some alternative images.

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