Monday, 16 October 2017

Irregular Choice: Bee Delicious (Pink)

irregular choice bee delicious pink macaron heeled boot on gingham picnic blanket
It's been a while, but last time if you recall, I showed you the blue Bee Delicious from the Irregular Choice macaron heel launch. I mentioned there that I bought two colours to compare and decide which one to keep in person. I opted to keep the blue (see the beauties at home on their shelf here) and sent back this pair, the pink.  However, I took photos before doing so. I really wanted to, because they differed so much from the stock images online. Little did I know that they were sneaky, little boots that like to masquerade as pastel pink on camera and in print. Oh yes indeedy, but in reality, they have a warmer tone, are brighter, bolder with quite a neon flash. I had the same issues with the pink Trixy unicorns a while ago and so I've really had to play around editing these to a more realistic tone. From memory, they are still brighter than this (definitely more fluorescent toned), but the colour was starting to get a little too saturated, so this was as close as I could get. It's definitely something to be aware of if you aren't buying in person. No matter how many pastel pink 'real' photos you see online, that's not what you'll get in the flesh.
irregular choice bee delicious pink glitter macaron boot next to picnic basket
So these ankle boots are exactly the same style as the blue, with the pearl detail at the heel, a strip around the top of the boot and set back from the toe. Once more they have an inside zip fastening and I bought this colour in the size up.  I found them quite roomy, especially in the foot part.  There was still that tighter fit across the foot (behind the heart), but I managed to zip up the smaller size with no issues, so felt more comfortable in those.  I spoke in detail about the design in my original post, so won't repeat that, though I have photographed all the details. pearl heel detail on ankle bootpearls around top of Irregular Choice Bee Delicious ankle bootdetailed toe shape and pearl trim on Irregular Choice Bee Delicious boots
The only thing that differs is the colouring. This time the heart on the front is a dusky pink.  The metallic, scalloped strip down the side, is an orangey, peachy, tan colour. The glitter, as you can see close up, is made up of many colours including coral, so that's mirrored in the metallic bit.  Like I say there's this overall neon tone, which wasn't captured on camera at all, but is really evident when you see them in real life.  The metallic strip already has this multi-coloured finish to it, it doesn't need to be tilted or held to the light to change (as you'll see below).     dusky pink furry heart and glitter on Irregular Choice Bee Delicious close up of pink glitter on Irregular Choice Bee Delicious bootsclose up of metallic scalloped trim on bootclose up of pink glitter button trim on scalloped metallic boot
The heel is exactly the same across all styles, in colour and order of cakes, doughnut and macarons and has the same (new) flexi-sole. I mentioned in my Shoesday Tuesday review of the blue boots, that my opinion really changed of the sole once I wore them for a bit. It's really comfortable to walk on and I like having the extra grip-it's nice for a change. pink glitter pearl macaron heeled ankle boots on gingham picnic blanket macaron heels and pearl detail on boots facing each other macaron cake doughnut heel in front of doughnuts and picnic basketmacaron cake heel on gingham backgrounddetails of doughnut macaron and cake heel on bootclose up of macaron cake heel tip
I also took some photos of the two colours beside one another if you were still struggling to make your mind up and I think in that post, I'll include a photo comparing how they photographed (unedited) to their more realistic shades. Irregular Choice pink macaron heeled boot in front of picnic basket
If you follow my Instagram and Facebook you'll be well aware IC have been on a roll this season and several new styles have made their way into my collection.  I'm struggling to keep up with reviewing each one; there's many fallen by the wayside already this year, but I'm still aiming to blog as much as I can.  I don't have any Shoesday photos of these boots, the new soles put me off standing on them when I knew I was returning them.  They pick up dust and dirt very easily, so I put them straight back in the box after these photos.  The doughnuts were delicious by the way...the tough things I have to do for this blog!  What do you think of these new concept heels and have you tried the new comfy, sole?

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