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Irregular Choice: Bee Delicious

Irregular Choice Bee Delicious AW17 macaron concept heel boot
The Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter range is steadily streaming into stores and a brand new concept heel launched last Friday. A rather tasty treat, the macaron heel came in 3 designs, each in 3 colourways, all beautiful. Immediately I was drawn to the only boot, because it was perhaps the fanciest and you know I love a boot! Still not discovered why, but they really do excite me! I think generally boots tend come in darker colours, with less decoration than shoes, because it's expected that you'll wear them in winter and be wanting practicality over anything else, but this does not apply to IC boots. I love my wonderful collection of their boots, which come in a range of styles and bright colours, glitter, pastels, prints.  They are just as exciting as my shoes. Just like these.
Bee Delicious came in blue, pink or black. The shoes both came in black and pink and mint and I definitely gravitated more towards the paler colours in those. I suppose I did with the boots too, though I thought the glitter pattern on the black uppers was cool.  However the pink and blue were definitely my first choices. I would've loved the boots in mint, because that's my favourite colour and I felt the blue were perhaps too similar to my Tea With Alice (plus I have quite a lot of blue boots), but I wasn't totally sure, so ordered the blue in a 5/38 (my usual size) and the pink in a 6/39. Straight out the box, I knew the pink weren't for me and I loved the blue.  I guess you love what you love!  Thankfully I got the size right too and if you saw my Instagram earlier, I compared the blue to TWA and they are very different, but more on that below.  Irregular Choice Bee Delicious furry heart boots
OK, onto the actual boot and the uppers are covered in glitter. It's multi-coloured on close inspection, but overall a really pretty blue shade. I did play around with the saturation on these photos, because the boots photograph a lot paler than they look in real life (the pink even more so), but I'd say (looking on my screen), they are just a touch brighter than they look here. There's not really an overall flash in a contrast colour, like the TWA I mentioned above. Those have a strong green flash and the blue glitter at the top of the Donald Duck Whoa bag shines pink. Make no mistake these are super dazzling though.  Very impressive when you see them and move them around (my camera hates glitter-we've had words). The style of boot is wide at the top and ankle length. Irregular Choice Bee Delicious blue glitter ankle bootclose up of blue multi coloured glitter uppers
Pearls so far seem to be prevalent in the new collection and I'm a big, long-time pearl fan, so I'm delighted they feature here too. There's a single row around the top of the boot and also set back from the rounded toe. Tiny gripe, but I wish the pearls continued around the top and didn't have a gap for the scalloped trim.  I think it would've been a neater finish like that. There's a full-length inside zip (obviously the pearls had to end there, which I don't mind) and the scalloped section has a wonderful duo-tone finish. It's got a strong purple flash, which is really pretty against the blue and finished off beautifully with the glitter buttons on top (purely decorative). top of boot showing pearl and scalloped detailclose up of zip and upper pearl detailsclose up of metallic trim and glitter button detail close up of rounded toe and pearl detail
The pearls continue for an absolutely spectacular feature at the heel of the boot. Rows and rows of pearly white beads, it's just magnificent.  They all feel pretty well stuck (sewn) on, so I don't have any fears of them dropping off. back view of Bee Delicious concept heel bootsside view of pearl heel trimmingclose up of pearl detail at heel
That's not all, the centre front of the boot boasts a large fluffy, applique heart, surrounded by the same scalloped, metallic trim used on the side. I love fur; so pretty blue shade, glitter, fur, pearls, I'm already totally sold and that's before I've even mentioned the heel! front facing boots with fur heart detailfurry heart applique on centre front of boot
It's a completely new shape, tapered and not all that chunky compared to other character heels. The base is a small cupcake, above that a macaron, I have no idea what's above that. Some kind of iced tart with cream and fruit? The red look like ladybirds to me (and once I've seen that, I can't un-see it), but I'm guessing it's supposed to be strawberries or raspberries or something similar? The black dots are very ladybird like anyway. Then another coloured macaron and a chocolate iced doughnut on top, with an overall glazed finish (the heel, not the doughnut). The doughnut is my favourite, though the macarons are very life-like too. I'm also extremely hungry after writing that paragraph. There's lots of colour in the heel, which I love and the boots just feel so fun and cheery. Irregular Choice AW17 macaron character heelIrregular Choice macaron cake concept heelIrregular Choice macaron, doughnut and tart concept heel detailIrregular Choice macaron and cupcake concept heel detailIrregular Choice macaron concept heel tip
Inside is the purple heart, super soft lining with the new metallic cat insole I spoke about here. Brand new though is the sole, in white rubber. There have been several styles over the years without the signature printed sole; flat soled boots and wedges for example, but this is a completely new concept this season. The scalloped edge around the front of the boot is the start of the flexible sole and there's a large embossed paw print, which looks like it'll provide quite a bit of grip. What I love is this season's kitty, engraved into the instep. They do dirty very easily (probably not helped by being white here), picking up dust and dirt straight out of the box.  I think this new sole will be a hit with people looking for more grip (my sister is always a bit put off by what she refers to as "shiny soles"), but I'm still a bit unsure about it. I get that it's more practical, I'd just be disappointed if they ever did away with the painted soles completely, which I doubt there's plans for. I'm not a fan of sole-protecting nor would I buy or not buy a pair based on whichever picture is on their sole, but I do love that peek of pattern at the instep and they feel a little more special or fancy to me with the printed soles. Given these boots are such a feast for the eyes on top, I doubt the sole would even factor in anyway! new Irregular Choice white flexi paw print rubber sole for AW17 Irregular Choice white flexi sole cat image
As I mentioned at the beginning, I bought these in a 5/38, I have to add a lot of my boots are the size up, but actually these fit me well. Length wise the 6/39 were too roomy, both are a snug fit across the foot, but I managed to zip up the 5/38 no problem. The glitter uppers are very stiff, though I reckon they will ease up a bit with wear. I suspect a little rubbing around the top too, though I haven't worn them for any length of time yet. I just love them, like I say, the complete opposite to most boots out there, these are fun and fancy and a great addition to my character/concept heel collection. I also photographed the pink, before returning them, so I'll get those photos up sometime next week. I'll have to play around with them a lot, because the colour is so deceptive (reminded me a lot of the situation with the 'pink' Trixy unicorn heels which were neon coral in real life but photographed a beautiful pale shade)! What do you think, do you like these? Did you buy any macaron heels?


  1. These are wonderful photos! The sole reminds me of a waffle cone!

  2. Great review as usual! Thanks for all the good info! I agree with you on everything you wrote. I love the pink best though, although the blue are great and the black which should seem plain is actually very good with it multi patterning.

  3. I just bought a pink pair of these shoes in size 40 at for $99.99 US (just about half off the orig price of $190 US). They still have one more size 40 and 1 pair of all the other sizes too and they still have the blue ones as well. I love the blue too, but could only get one pair(Even at the discounted price still a stretch for me) so my first instinct was pink.
    So I hope they fit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. These boots are just too adorable and I will be happy whether they are baby pink/ ballerina pink or that hot pink/coral because I love both and I've never been particular about matching colors in clothing so it doesn't really matter.
    Be aware that on sale items, Tilted Sole does not give refunds, only credit or exchanges, but at half off, how could I pass up such adorable boots and with Valentine's Day on the way, who doesn't need some shoes with Valentines on them??? Faux fur ones at that!


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