Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Schuh Unicorn Dream Boat

Argh, I say I'm back, then totally flake on you again, sorry! Best laid plans and all that. My nephews were here again (which I forgot about) and there just aren't enough hours in the day, as I'm sure you know. I've also been out of sorts with a sore throat which turned into a cough and cold. My voice bore the brunt and let me tell you none of this is a good look on a girl! It started with a Dean Winchester level of low (that's like hella low), then I annoyingly sounded like I permanently needed to clear my throat (think Sophia Bush). Then came Madge Bishop (not good), which progressed into Marge's sisters in The Simpson's (really not good), then Voight in Chicago PD (seriously Channel 5 get subtitles for that programme, Jason Beghe cannot be understood without them). Then came wheezy and barely there, like the scary dog that chases Babe (but turns nice) in Babe: Pig In The City. It's dropping to Dean levels again along with the wheezing which seem to sit below the level of human hearing, so I have to say everything 3 times until somebody notices my lips moving and asks what I'm saying. Between that and stopping to cough, blow my nose, drink Lemsip, suck throat sweets, feel sorry for myself and y'know try and actually breathe, I've been struggling to get much else done. I got new shoes today though and stuff like that just can't wait. Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides and SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears bag

Especially not when they are flat shoes! Let's not joke about me being ill when I already am (twice over), but yeah, I bought flats. First time for everything and all that! So I'll start by saying I hate "pool slides". I think they're ugly and their name (although perfectly descriptive), sucks! "Ooh nice slides dude"...see it sounds stupid! Like calling flip-flops "thongs", grrr! Plus it conjures up images of greasy, overly tanned, out of shape, middle aged men, wearing far too little, smoking cigars, eyeing women young enough to be their grandchildren, whilst drinking too much or dental nurses (who are in no way offensive, but scrubs aren't exactly fashion attire for the gen pop) and I wonder how any of that became fashionable? Until this week, when Schuh emailed me a photo of slides with a unicorn on them and suddenly they become a lot more attractive (to me).  I just couldn't resist having a sneaky look at them. Then I bought them. For slippers, to wear at home, because let's not get ahead of ourselves and think me of 'towering inferno' heel heights can actually walk in flat shoes. I really can't. Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides and SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears bag close up Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides and SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears bag front Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides
As usual Schuh were impeccable with their service. I bought them after lunch yesterday and they arrived today with free delivery, around lunchtime with ParcelForce. I opted for my usual size and they fit well (snug, but not too tight). The moulded footbed fits the contours of my foot well too.  They felt more substantial than I expected and once I learn how to walk in them and get over the feeling I'm falling backwards (or is that S.O.P. for flats?), I'm sure they'll be perfectly comfortable! Schuh box Schuh box inside
The pastel unicorn or unicone really, as the horn is merely an upside down melting ice-cream (which my eldest nephew used to think really was a unicorn horn) is ever so pretty and the rainbow background is a lovely touch. The Dream Boat £18 come in a few other patterns, cat, dog, holographic or quilted, if uni's aren't your bag.  How could they not be? Just look at that face...! Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides detail Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides toes
I still think the name sucks eggs and the style, though functional, could be 'prettified' somehow (see me trying and failing to look glam in them below), but the gorgeous unicorn has elevated them out of Crocs or Uggs territory for me! I doubt we'll ever see the day when I rock slides outdoors, but at home in my unicorn jammies, I'm over the moon with them. You know what they say "you can take the girl outta high heels but you can't take the high heels..." well nobody says that, but high heeled homie 4 life. Word! Wearing Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides
I figured my new Skinny Dip Unicorn Tears bag was the perfect partner for this shoot today (unfortunately not a freebie with the shoes if you were hoping) and typical that I've tried twice to take photos of it with my DSLR and wasn't happy with how either set turned out.  However I quickly took these today with my mobile and was much more pleased with them!  I'll maybe still post the others at some point, though the bag has since sold out, so I don't like rubbing it in your face.  Mega cute though, huh?
SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears bag
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  1. Oh poop, I really wanted that bag. Serves me right for dallying! Those are the cutest 'slippers' ever!

    1. Awww : ( I jumped because I waited for the popcorn and milk before and they sold out and I'd almost spent an obscene amount on the Moschino milkshake bag, so I was desperate for one that shape.

  2. I LOVE the shoes! The unicone is just the cutest ever! (About the flip flops/ thong thing - the name in Czecch for those kinds of shoes is waaaaaaay worse. It's either "žabky", which in English would be "little frogs" or "froggies", or the worse way of calling them is "vietnamky" which is "Vietnamese")

    I love the bag but the tears thing still makes me a bit sad :D I'm nuts :D It's very cute though!

    1. Oh wow, thanks for informing us! Yeah, happy tears maybe? Made of rainbows and glitter!

  3. I really like them! Yes, pool slides are not glamorous but very good for when I go to music camp and do not want any part of my bare foot to come into contact with the floor of the showers! I have £2 (sale) Tesco Croc rip offs (my Mel shoes have a strap so no good) but I would be tempted to upgrade! x

    1. Oh absolutely! When I lived in Halls in London briefly and it was communal bathrooms, I made sure my friends wore flip-flops in the shower, because it freaked me out to think what was on that floor! I do think they are great for just slipping on and off...but can't see me teaming them with my pretty dresses outside!


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