Tuesday, 21 April 2015

SkinnyDip Milk Carton Bag

skinnydip popcorn unicorn tears ice cream milk carton bags
You know I love my kitsch handbags and I added another to my collection at the weekend. Well, actually I almost didn't, because I'd forgotten my package was coming and we didn't answer the door (thinking it was someone selling something or campaigning for the election, plus he looked totally shifty, but that's not the point). Anyway as 'wild man' walked back down the path, I noticed the polka dot packaging and the penny dropped that it was my Topshop parcel. Mum ran outside with no shoes on (!) but he'd already disappeared. Then she bumped into him and he said he'd left it next to the wheelie bins around the back of the house (i.e. chucked it over the high fence). Thanks mate.  Drama over and thankfully my milk wasn't curdled.  Joke.
skinnydip milk carton bag skinnydip milk carton bag side skinnydip milk carton bag back
The bag in question is the SkinnyDip milk carton £25 and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was real milk!  I knowingly missed it a couple of times when ASOS had it. One of those rare moments when I tell myself I don't need something (and actually don't buy it), then live to regret it and have to stalk it! I've seen cheap ones on eBay, but I was hoping the quality of the SkinnyDip one would be better and worth waiting for. It's actually a lot bigger than I expected. It will comfortably fit my phone, makeup, tissues, keys etc inside. It's fully lined and folds in, much like a real milk carton. The top is edged with metal with large magnets underneath (4, two on each side). I prefer flipping one side over the other, rather than sitting both up like a peak, purely because one set of magnets close fine, but the other side repels and though it closes, it's a little squint and even without OCD it's annoying. The magnets feel feel very strong and the bag feels like it is securely closed. skinnydip milk carton bag close up skinnydip milk carton bag lining inside skinnydip milk carton bag magnet closure skinnydip milk carton bag closure detail
It's got a long rope handle and there's lots of different text and branding on the sides of the bag, making it look really authentic. The colours and stripes all add to the look.  I just adore it.  skinnydip milk carton bag strap skinnydip milk carton bag strap detail skinnydip milk carton bag label
The milk carton is my fourth SkinnyDip bag and together, they are utterly amazing and so much fun, just look! skinnydip popcorn unicorn tears ice cream milk carton bags close up skinnydip popcorn unicorn tears ice cream milk carton bags front
Sometimes I do have 'pinch myself' moments when I realise how awesome my wardrobe is and that I actually own all this cool stuff!  If I can say that about my own belongings?!  I know these bags are not for everyone but I've always loved quirky or 'kooky' as a boy at school nicknamed me. We were 12, I thought he meant 'cookie'!!  I digress, here's the other ones in more detail. The most recent being the Unicorn Tears. skinnydip unicorn tears bag front skinnydip unicorn tears bag top
Fancy an ice cream? skinnydip ice cream bag front skinnydip ice cream bag side
Or perhaps popcorn is more your thing? skinnydip popcorn bag front skinnydip popcorn bag side
Aren't they just the best? Next on my list, moving away from food is the mermaid shell bag. Sooooo pretty and shiny and pretty and shiny and pretttttty!  I think I've had too much sugar today, I just hate half of one of those Dairy Milk chickens with buttons inside from Easter.  It was in protest against myself for being such a saddo and still having Easter chocolate left.  Must do better! Anyway peeps, what do you think of the new addition and do you have any of these?  Have you seen any other cool kitsch bags, I may like?

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  1. I have Christmas chocolate left.I had a Thorntons white choc snowman sitting on top of my drum cupboard at school and I got him down and broke his head off today and sadly he's gone out of date by 3 weeks and tastes a bit off!!!
    I love your new bag. I like the Accessorize apple carton one!x

    1. Noooo! Actually in saying that, mine isn't long finished and I've barely made a dent in Easter. Oh yes, I've seen that one, gorgeous!

  2. Great minds think alike! (I have 3 of the 4 bags, just missing the unicorn tears one.) I love Skinny Dip and the milk carton is my favorite, it is such good quality!

  3. Haha, I didn't get any Easter chocs. I do have a milk bag, which I was given for Xmas, but it's slightly different.

    1. I've seen a few variations on ebay but wasn't sure what the quality would be like.

  4. I *really* love the Unicorn Tears bag :D

  5. I love all of them. As I said in my bag post recently, I'm constantly torn between fun bags and sensible ones. I have a feeling the fun ones will win out overall though. ;) x

    1. I know, it's a tough choice "do I want to take stuff with me or look cute?"!!

  6. Are you Willing to sell your milkcarton?


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