Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I'm Back

Hello, how are you all? Long time, no speak! Entirely my fault, I mentioned this briefly on The Shoe Girl Diaries, but I just needed a break. It was more 'life doldrums' than 'blogging blues', but one kinda merged into the other until I hated the whole world and everybody and everything in it! Well slight exaggeration, though it is amazing how rapidly and vehemently my mood can shift. I place the blame firmly on being a Gemini! Anyway, I had loads of posts planned after a super busy March (perhaps that blogging every day thing took it out of me), so I took some photos excitedly one night of my new bag. Woke up the next day to realise they were crap. Re-took them, still crap, grrr. Got a letter about my mandatory Job Centre interview which seriously pissed me off (discussing work possibilities when I can't even walk, shower or cut up my food is a serious waste of time IMO and makes me angry), plus the weather has been GLORIOUS! So that made me realise what I'd been missing, stuck indoors the past 16 months and that was that. My nephews were staying overnight at the weekend though and you can't really be moody with them around, because they're so hilarious and idiotic! So I felt better after that, albeit tired from running* around after them (*figuratively, not literally). Actually buying a ton of shoes, which I'll totally get killed for if I get caught with the parcel, also helped. New shoes always help. Let's just not think about the fact I'm unable to wear them anywhere currently! fashionista lapin egg

Anyway, on Easter Sunday we decorated eggs, which I haven't done since I was a kid. I was a bit rusty and my hands shake these days (not to mention I constantly smudged/removed what I'd already drawn), so my fashionista lapins aren't as perfect as I'd like, but they're cute wee characters anyway. We've got bunnies in capes, glasses, fur, floral, polka dots, dungarees (requested by my sister), a tropical bunny, winter bunny and so on. I was shattered afterwards! Now that I'm back to feeling more like myself, I've got loads lined up for the week blog wise. I might even just post the crap photos and to hell with it! Here's my shoe calendar from Easter (below), look cute sparkly Minna Parikka bunny shoes! It's usually always crap, ugly flats at the weekend, so I was excited to see some pretty heels.  I do love this time of year, so it's a shame that I can't get out to see the pretty flowers and lambs and bunnies.  I hope you had a nice time over Easter, what did you get up to? minna parikka glitter bunny shoes calendar


  1. Aww cute bunnies dressed up (my bunny completely approves). I love those shoes in the shoe calendar.

    Oh no about the appointment. I hate places like that. The first month after graduation I was unemployed for one month and I rather paid my social and health taxes out of money saved up than go to the unemployment as it's the worst. Luckily (knock on wood) one month later I found a job and then I changed jobs about two months later and have been at the same job ever since. I'm now currently thinking of changing jobs though as the pay has gotten much lower for the same work expected :/ I need to redo my CV and it's so strange to do it as I've been in the same job since 2006 (crazy)

    1. Thank you! It just seems so pointless when my health is this bad, that we're both wasting time with the appointment. I have nothing new to tell her and she's forced to do her job and ask how I'm progressing. She actually said "if you can think of any way I can help in getting you into work, let me know". Hmmm, I think walking, showering, cutting up my own food etc would all come BEFORE that!

  2. Jeez, I can't believe they're on at you about getting a job when you're so ill. It's lunacy.

    1. I know, it seems like a waste of time for me and her, but 'mandatory'! I've never even met her, so I don't think she fully understands how bad I am...but then I haven't met her, because it's too difficult for me to get out of the house, so she should know how bad I am. Twisted system and I'm sure those that cheat it, will still find a way around.


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