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Irregular Choice: Lammie & Lil Lamb

Irregular Choice lamb bag and shoes
Hello my lovelies! As promised here are my new buys from Irregular Choice. They arrived yesterday morning, but it's taken all day to sort through and edit the pics and man is there plenty of 'em! So grab a biccie and settle in : )
Irregular Choice new season shoe box
The first thing to introduce is the new season box, tissue paper and soles. Absolutely glorious, brightly coloured, tropical theme. Definitely gets you in the mood for summer. The soles coordinate with the box, showing a fancy schmancy bird (I won't insult anyone by naming and likely getting the breed wrong), while the tissue features large turquoise spots. Irregular Choice new season tissue paper Irregular Choice new season floral bird sole
The first thing that struck me with the Lammie shoes out of the box, was the size of the bows. I wasn't expecting them to be so large, they are awesome! The snake like material (that I nicknamed 'mermaid bit' in my original post) is absolutely beautiful, it changes colour in the light and glows really brightly and is much more colourful than it looks from stock images online. Turquoise, green, yellow, purple, pink, lime, teal, a whole spectrum of colours. Thankfully my camera picked it up well. Plus there's the other shimmery bit, which again had much more of a sheen than I expected. Irregular Choice Lammie bow Irregular Choice Lammie back heel Irregular Choice Lammie heel close up Irregular Choice Lammie toe side Irregular Choice Lammie toe
As you can see the toe tapers, without being pointy. The shoe is quite wide before the toe, so you'd expect a really rounded toe shape, but instead it narrows. There are nice touches, like the scalloped edge to the inner side of the strap (flat on the side that uses the buckle for ease of use) and speaking of the buckle, I love it. All too often shoes feature fiddly little buckles and this one is substantial without overpowering the rest of the shoe and there's even a loop to keep the strap in place. Irregular Choice Lammie scalloped strap Irregular Choice Lammie buckle
Size wise, I've got the strap in the widest hole, which is pretty normal for me in Irregular Choice. Inside is more of that holographic snakeskin fabric, alongside floral velvet with gold highlights. Hello beautiful! The fabric is thankfully soft against the skin and doesn't irritate. Irregular Choice Lammie floral insoles
Like I said originally, the lamb heel takes on an almost wedge like shape. It is shorter than previous models at 3 1/4", but actually doesn't feel unnaturally low for me. It feels and looks less bulky than some of the others (bunny, unicorn, fawn, maybe even the cat) and is lighter, more on a par with the gnome/Santa, despite them being a 'heel' and this a wedge. The lamb is 'bubbly' all over, white with pink shading (like the cat) and has a slightly glossed appearance (again, like the cat). You'll note he's not perfectly symmetrical, the way he is sitting (when you see each side), which is natural. Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heel Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heel side Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heel face close up Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heel face side detail Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heel front Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heels Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heels front view Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heels side view Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heels side comparison Irregular Choice Lammie lamb heel base
As you'll have seen in the close-ups, the beaded look uppers are precisely that and exactly how I imagined them and yes, it looks exactly like nail caviar! Irregular Choice Lammie shoe Irregular Choice Lammie shoe top Irregular Choice Lammie shoes front Irregular Choice Lammie shoes back Irregular Choice Lammie shoes
I think it would be easy to miss the little lamb actually because of all the lovely materials and big bows on the shoe. There's just so much to look at and for once the shoe itself is just as show-stopping and eye-catching as the statement heel. As I said, I ordered two sizes 38 (my usual size) and the 39 (a size up). To quote One Direction, "story of my life", a half size would be the perfect fit. The 38 were very snug, but I persevered and shoved my foot in (uncomfortable, but it went in). I could feel it would rub the top of my little toes with wear. The 39 though isn't such a neat fit. It gapes slightly at the sides (even when fastened) and I thought the strap would be enough to keep my feet in, but my heel is lifting out a little bit whilst walking. Nothing that wouldn't be fixed with an insole and/or heel grips I suppose. Though I think I'm going to keep trying with the 38 as I've had similar experiences with previous styles (mostly the perspex heel ones like I'm Bossy and Can't Touch This) where with wear and stretching a little with thick socks, they've indeed stretched and become more comfortable. I just suspect if I kept the 39, they'd end up too big over time. It doesn't end with the shoes though, because I got the Lil Lamb bag too!
  Irregular Choice Lammie shoe and Lil Lamb handbag
My Mum thinks it's beautiful but was a bit "hmmm, it doesn't totally match"! You have to remember there were only two bags but four different shoes and I actually rather like that it's not too matchy-matchy, sometimes, it's ok not to match entirely. There I said it! Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag
It's made from a floral fabric with a distressed slub every now and then, not unlike old pyjamas to be honest! I mentioned all this in my original post, but the 'beaded' fabric is mirrored in the lamb face and scalloped trim along the top. There's embroidered flowers and the pink sections are the same type of material as the shimmery bits on my shoes, but in pink this time, with cut out hearts at the corners. It's got a beautiful sheen just like the shoes, which again, my camera picked up. Irregular Choice tag Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag fabric close up Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag trim detail Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag embroidered flowers Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag pink heart corners Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag pink base
The bag has a gold frame and large 'knobble' clasp closure. Inside is the same floral velvet that's inside the shoes.  It's a dream to open and look at.Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag clasp closure Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag opening Irregular Choice Lil Lamb handbag floral lining inside
The lamb is made from sequins in an array of pastel shades. The detachable strap is shimmering pink on the underside and floral on top, with embroidered flowers at the ends to match the detail on the main bag.
Irregular Choice Lil Lamb bag lamb face Irregular Choice Lil Lamb bag sequin lamb body Irregular Choice Lil Lamb bag bow Irregular Choice Lil Lamb bag strap
Isn't it gorgeous? Plus they are just so totally cute together.  Warmer days and Spring-time here I come!  Well probably not y'know, but I can dream...! Irregular Choice Lammie shoe and Lil Lamb handbag front Irregular Choice Lammie shoes and Lil Lamb handbag side
If the lamb heel isn't totally your thing, then I'd seriously recommend the Schuh exclusive Fancy This Party People (which I styled here). The entire uppers are made from the same material as the 'mermaid bits', so in the flesh are much more colourful than they look in the promo images.  They have a glitter heel and bow on them too : )  Do you love these as much as I do?

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  1. I love the iridescence! They are a work of art. x

    1. They are indeed. It's so pretty, the way it flashes different colours.

  2. I have just the same feeling as Kezzie - those shoes are a work of art. Even the boxes are gorgeous!

  3. I didn't really like the lamb heel - I think it looks a lot shorter in the photos I'd seen and that's what put me off. I love the mix of fabrics used on the shoes, though and the fact that these are carried over in the bag.

    1. Yes, I was worried the heel would be too low for me, but it doesn't feel strange. I think a lot of people have wanted a lower heel (not me), so I guess that's why they did it.

  4. Oh my, these shoes...they are perfect!! I've seen them online, but actual pictures of them are even better!! Amazing..enjoy :))) Yes, I live in Scotland, though originally from America :) I love tartan, but as you say, you see so much of it, you tend not to wear it a lot!! But, it is gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you. Ah, yes I had in my head you were American, but I think I just presumed. Thanks for stopping by : )

  5. These are great--the iridescent parts are wonderful, but I also really like the lamb heel. Uhng, so many things I want!

    1. Heehee, I was glad everything I clicked on in the Irregular Choice clearance sale WASN'T in my size, meant I had saved for these coming out. Though there is a LOT I want from SS15, such beautiful, bright shoes : )

  6. if you wanna sell them one day.... dreampiece, so sad i can't find them :'(

  7. I'm regretting that I never went for a lamb heel now at the time haha. I'm blog stalking too try and find a post about all of the different box designs, but landed here instead.


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