Thursday, 26 February 2015

It's Christmas...Again!

Hi folks, how are you all? I hadn't planned such a break between posts, there's just not been enough hours in the day and I seem to only have HUGE, time-consuming posts coming up, that require a lot of editing and writing. I've definitely come out of my blog slump (for now anyway). I'm just trying to get back to blogging about my favourite things and being a bit less structured and a bit more 'me'. Haha, so with that, I bring you...Christmas presents! Not kidding. I did say, I'd end up getting through my backlog of posts 'out of season', but hey, it's my blog, I can do what I want, when I want, right?  It's a nice random mix of things that I wouldn't otherwise get an opportunity to show you, but I'll warn you it is picture heavy!therapy and love moschino handbags

Apparently these type of posts are disliked by some, but much like above, it's my blog and there shouldn't be any 'rules' on what I can or can't blog about. I'm not going to waffle on justifying it or whatever disclaimer is expected of me (whose blog is this?), but you come here to see stuff and stuff I shall show! This is actually a perfectly normal ritual in our house. When my sisters and I were little, we always had to show family "what we got for Christmas" when they visited and my cousins would show us what they got. "Sindy from Santa...smelly stuff...pants and vest from Granny...blah, blah, blah!" Anyway this year, I only managed to open a few presents before I felt like my arms might drop off and someone else had to take over. It's no fun when you can't open your own parcels, but hey, that's the way it is for now : (  For once, I knew what Santa was getting me and he may have had a little help, in the form of "Mum, it's reduced and there's only one left" from me!  2014 was without a doubt the year my handbag game was strong and I'd had my eye on this Love Moschino one from House of Fraser for months. I've spoken about it before on the blog and out of all the different sizes and shapes, this was my preferred one. It sold out, then by chance there was one back in stock and I knew they were running a promotion soon, so waited (stressful days) and snapped it up (literally) the minute the offer started! love moschino cafe scene bag love moschino cafe scene bag front love moschino cafe scene bag side
It's a shoulder bag, with two chain straps, flap and magnetic stud closure. I've never had a LM bag shaped exactly like this, but I wish they'd do this style more often, it seems like the perfect size (roomy, but not too big) and I like that it's quite a structured shape. The cafe scene is just adorable (can't decide if I want to be the lilac haired waitress or the chic redhead applying lippie) and the colours are a little more subdued than my other LM bags.  I've just noticed the blonde is smoking, seems to be a "thing" on these bags, remember here?  The print is exactly the same on the back, but under the flap and on the sides is plain greyish-stone coloured. Unfortunately I don't think this print is available anywhere now in any form (perhaps check eBay if you really like it). love moschino cafe scene bag charming girls close up
As you'll have seen from that first photo, I also got another bag. My older sister had asked me for ideas for presents (I hate doing this) and this bag was half price and eagle eyes may remember me lusting after it, way back in July here. So I got it from House of Fraser at the same time as my other bag and it saved me having to write a list! It's Hana by Therapy and again, out of stock now. therapy hana leopard print bag therapy hana leopard print bag front therapy hana leopard print bag back therapy hana leopard print bag side
I love it so much; that monochrome leopard print just feels so Cruella! It's bigger than I expected (wider and generally all over), that's why I put it with the LM one for comparison. I also didn't realise that the leopard print is a dimpled white overlay, with cut out sections to reveal the black behind. I'm not sure I quite managed to capture that on camera.  The back has a plain black panel, with patent sides, so you could wear it either way to match your outfit. I'm a big 'knobbles' fan and this one has an ace knob closure. I also like the shorter handle. therapy hana leopard print bag clasp closure
Ok, now I may as well move onto my little sis. She spoils me rotten every year. My birthday isn't until May and she's already started buying for me! She usually gets loads of little things and individually wraps each one (it seriously takes her a day to do it) and she numbers them in order of which I'm to open first. She said she tries to stick to a theme now, so she doesn't stray and buy me everything in sight! For my last birthday it was 'mermaids' and this Christmas it was 'ponies'. pony unicorn christmas presents
I have no idea which order I opened them in, so I'm just showing you them in a random sequence! Let's begin with this My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle night light. It's awesome because Twilight actually has her wings here (in the cartoon when she turned into a Princess, she got wings and became an alicorn instead of a unicorn), so it's quite recent. I have to admit to blubbing my way through that episode and downloading all the songs from it afterwards.  I've seen it a few times now and it still brings tears to my eyes!
my little pony twilight sparkle night light boxed my little pony twilight sparkle night light my little pony twilight sparkle night light on
This MLP Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD. The ponies in it look old school-ish (ie. more like the one I had when I was wee), but we haven't watched it yet. It's winter and they're wrapped up against the snow, that's all the excitement I can handle so far! my little pony twinkle wish adventure dvd my little pony twinkle wish adventure dvd back
A new MLP Princess Celestia figure. She's clear with liquid and little sparkly bits in her. So you shake her and they move around. Coolio. my little pony princess celestia figure
A little Paperchase unicorn notebook (here's a similar squirrel one) paperchase unicorn notebook
A selection of stickers of ponies and unicorns. unicorn horse sticker sheets
A MLP comic (micro series Celestia #8). You get a story, some tattoos, a poster and stickers. I've had a couple of these before, this one is about Princess Celestia (a newer one, which my sister knew I didn't have already) my little pony micro series comic princess celestia
Ok technically this strayed a little from the pony theme, as it's a deer, but it's an adorable mini snowglobe. I had to make sure you could see a comparison with my hand to visualise how tiny it is.  It actually has a lot of snow in it and 'shakes up' really well considering its size.   mini deer snowglobe mini deer snowglobe in action
Finally, my sister lives for "blind bags" of anything. She loves them and spends a fortune whenever she sees them somewhere. So she got me a couple of 'Magic Ponys Diamonds' figures. I think I've had some before.  There's 18 to collect, they are flocked and each comes with a 'gem' on it. It's really exciting when you have no idea what's inside. magic ponys diamonds packs magic ponys diamonds collector sheet
I opened them and got...#16 Zhara... magic ponys diamonds zhara card magic ponys diamonds zhara figure side magic ponys diamonds zhara figure front
...and #1 Shooting Star! I was thrilled to get him, because he's the 'harder to find', 'special' pony that has 10 gems on him!magic ponys diamonds shooting star card magic ponys diamonds shooting star figure side magic ponys diamonds shooting star figure other side
She does well with her present buying doesn't she?! This next item was one of my favourite presents and it's from my old Uni friends Mum (who's ill too, so keeps in touch with me). She's absolutely awesome at sending me things and always gets it spot on (probably because I'm quite like her daughter). She's not very computer savvy, but joined Facebook to keep in touch with her daughters and got me this after seeing photos of my Irregular Choice 'Bambi' heels and bag. It's a Butler & Wilson deer bag clip and/or keyring. butler and wilson box butler and wilson crystal deer keyring butler and wilson crystal deer keyring side butler and wilson crystal deer keyring close up
Butler & Wilson jewellery is a sparkle lovers paradise, always encrusted in crystals and such colourful, happy pieces.  So I'm just in awe of this, it's beautiful and so precious to me.  Our family have always been big on stockings and still are.  I can remember the shock on my brother in laws face when he was given a filled to bursting stocking of gifts the first Christmas he spent with us ("is this really all for me?") and now my nephews each get one too.  So I've picked out some things from mine to share with you, starting with this nail polish.  Isn't the bottle so cute?  I don't really want to use it, because the black varnish is the 'body' and it would look silly half empty.  I couldn't help but turn into my little sister and sit with this, curled up in my hand (she used to do that with her Get Along Gang figures, to the point that none of them have noses, because she 'rubbed' them off).  It's like a soothing, comforting, wee charm.face nail polish face nail polish in hand face nail polish held
This next one was a joint present for my little sister and I.  Monster High skull walkie talkies!  We used to knock and shout through to each when we were in adjacent bedrooms, but now she's in her new room, there's a long corridor and room between us, so we can't hear each other.  Santa has come to the rescue with these walkie talkies though!  Of course the interference is something rotten and sometimes you have to hang out of your bed and shout and repeat things to be heard, so it's not ideal!  You can't leave them on all the time because of the noise, so if you forget to say something and the other person has already switched theirs off, that's it!  I'm surprised my parents haven't confiscated them yet (like the My Little Pony 'phones' we had in the 80's which lasted a day before my Mum said they were "broken"!!), mean Mummy.      monster high skull walkie talkie
Next up is a Marilyn Monroe scarf.  I'm a huge fan, so I usually get at least one MM themed thing each Christmas or birthday.  This one features the Warhol print and is brightly coloured.    marilyn monroe scarf marilyn monroe scarf close up
My parents had gone to a local Christmas Fair and so quite a few things we got were from stalls there, including this Powder 'Chamonix' faux fur muff.  I think it's maybe sold out, but there's other items in the range here.  It comes in this lovely gift bag and mine is a pinky peach shade.  I actually recently found the muff I had when I was 5.  It washed well and still fits, so I've kept it, but this one is much more plush.  It's also got thick fleece lining, so it's super cosy.  There's a cute vintage looking bow 'brooch' on it too.  They're based in Scotland, so it's always nice to shop and support 'local' isn't it?    powder gift bag powder chamonix faux fur muff powder chamonix faux fur muff bow detail powder chamonix faux fur muff inside
SWEETIES!  Actually I got a lot more than this, but they were hiding when the camera came out.  Plus we had to do swapsies, because my nephews got me those Malteser reindeer things and I'm not keen on Maltesers and Santa got me a selection box with fudge and caramel things which I'm also not keen on!  I have to add here that I hate those smug gits that still have chocolate from Christmas when Easter comes round.  Then their eggs last them until summer.  Get a life and get eating or I won't buy you anymore!  So it's with utter shock that I say, I still have chocolate left from Christmas.  Gah, what is the world coming to?  Ok, so I was ill and lost my appetite, but I've made quite a bit of headway with it this week.  The glittery chocolate underneath this photo, I just ate yesterday and it was like Christmas cake in chocolate form, yummy!  It was another thing from the fair and apparently really expensive considering it's one of those "one bite and it's gone" deals!    cadburys christmas chocolate christmas chocolate
Here's some more stocking things, notebook, stickers, birdy hook, piggy bank with chocolate coins inside, glasses case, Cath Kidston hair clips, tissues, pin-up nail files, 'button' measuring tape and a little brooch making kit (my Mum was hoping I would feel up to getting back into sewing just a little step at a time).  selection of christmas presents
A close up of the shoe coaster.  "Money can't buy happiness...but it can buy shoes".  True dat!
shoes coaster
My physio had suggested a half filled water bottle to use as a weight, so Mum couldn't resist getting me this blinged up one.  Actually I've been using a tin of beans instead (!) and drinking out of this all day, to 'up' my water intake.
blinged water bottle
Did you know I hate maths?  With a passion.  I mean I can count and all, I just don't see why it's necessary to puzzle yourself, when you could use a calculator.  So I had a bling calculator my friend had given me years ago, that always sat at the computer (much easier than bringing up the calculator on the PC).  It stopped working and so my Mum managed to find this replacement.  It's almost identical, just bigger buttons (even better for my big fingers).  
Last one, these Monster High 'Operetta' hair clips.  Mum got these at a fair she went to with my sister and thought I'd like them.  She hadn't even realised they were MH until I said!monster high operetta hair clips
So that's it.  There are probably other bits that I've forgotten about, but that's the majority.  I did take these photos last year, so it was quite nice for me to go through them and see all the bits and pieces again.  Unfortunately most of it's sitting in a bag, because of all the upheaval we've had and my room is filled with bags and boxes of 'things' that I have no home for just now.  It's difficult because I'm not physically able to tidy (even in small doses), so my room is a tip and although getting the shoes out and into my shoe room, will help greatly, it's unlikely I'll be able to organise it any better. However the painter is booked for my shoe room soon, so things are moving forwards!  I'm hoping to take before/after shots so you can see it's progress.  What did you get for Christmas and more to the point, have you eaten all your sweeties?  Easter is coming folks, get it done!

Post contains some affiliate links.  All items were Christmas gifts.  


  1. I love these kinds of posts and you got some lovely things. I love the MLP things. I wasn't really into it as a child but I find them so whimsical and cheery now.

    1. I had Bow Tie when I was younger, she was blue with pink bows. I only ever had the one though. now I've got loads! I just started watching the series on TV last year, it's great!

  2. Why would anyone object to people sharing their Christmas presents, it does befuzzle me! It's YOUR blog as you say! I love reading what you got, especially as it is such a feast of colour and fun on the eyes- SUCH nice pressies, you did very well!!!! xx

    1. Apparently it's "showing off"! Thank you, yes, I did : )

  3. I love all your pressies! The handbags are so cute and the rest of the things are a colorful dreamland of things :)) (I love getting stickers too!)


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