Friday, 27 June 2014

How To Wear: Bags

So I'm supposed to be looking at shoes on the Sarenza site, but I notice a bag in the sale that I like, then spy another pretty bag and another....! We all know about my shoe obsession, but one that comes and goes is my bag obsession. Over the years I've gone through phases of buying handbags non-stop, then not liking any of the 'trends' and therefore buying none. Lately though, all I see is pretty bags!  You'll recall my Irregular Choice unicorn and cat bags. My first 'mid week must haves' contained guess what? Two cute bags! However I keep finding more I want to share, so I've put together some of my favourites in this post and also how I'd style them. Irregular Choice Adora Adorned Bag

Starting with this Irregular Choice 'Adora Adorned' which I've had my eye on for a while. It caught my attention again when it popped into the sale. Despite the bold colouring and busy print, it's the 'doctors bag' shape that really appeals to me. I love the partly structured frame and yes, that print is certainly a showstopper. I wanted to wear this for a day out shopping, as it would be big enough to pop little purchases in. So I styled it pretty dressed-down (well for me) with jeans and a T, multi-coloured friendship bracelets and plain sandals, with the focus on the bag. How do you think you would style this bag?Styling Bags: Irregular Choice Adora Adorned
Moschino Cheap & Chic Love Me Bag
Ahh Moschino Cheap & Chic no wonder you are called 'Love Me'. This is such a pretty little jewelled thing. It's not going to fit a massive amount inside, but is ample for me in a day. Again I love the shape (and that big knob) and I'm wondering if my fluffy heart peep toes would look good with it? The red heart is maybe too bright on my shoes.  Anyway, I wanted this look to be smart but not overly formal. As this bag is the type that would make any outfit look polished and well presented, I didn't opt for the more obvious simple peep toes or courts and instead chose chunky platform boots with monochrome polka dots and glasses. I think it looks fabulous, what about you? Did I mention this bag has a massive 40% off right now?Styling Bags: Moschino Cheap & Chic Love Me
Barbara Rihl Blair In New York Bag
I spoke about Barbara Rihl in my Mid Week Must Haves last week and I was struggling to narrow all the styles down to one (or two) for this post. I chose this weekender as it was different to the other types of bag I've picked here. Blair in New York (I love the names almost as much as the bags themselves), would be the perfect getaway bag for a weekend with friends. I therefore wanted a fashionable but casual outfit to reflect that. Easy to wear trousers and cami with a kimono, long necklace, some sunglasses and colourful flat sandals. Spa here I come!  Is this something you could see yourself in?Styling Bags: Barbara Rihl Blair in New York
Apollo clutch Vivienne Westwood
Another sale bargain, is this little red Apollo clutch by Vivienne Westwood. This is the type of bag that would be great for a night out or as I've styled it, a 'holiday night out' because it wouldn't take up much room in your suitcase and would be just big enough for the essentials on a night out. It can be worn with a little strap for hands free dancing or drinking too! I paired it with this floral jumpsuit, cool sunnies and flat sandals. Do you like this look?Styling Bags: Vivienne Westwood Apollo
Barbara Rihl Gisele In Capri tote bag
Finally, another Barbara Rihl bag in the shape of this Gisele in Capri tote. I like this soft blue colour although it also comes in bright turquoise or orange, which are just as lovely. Gisele does indeed look like she's having a wonderful time sunning herself on her hols, judging from the snapshots on the front and you will too with this matching crop top and full midi skirt. Sharp cat eye sunglasses are a must and I love the contrasting flash of colour with these metallic courts. Is this your favourite look?Styling Bags: Barbara Rihl Gisele in Capri
Plus from today, buy any two sale items at Sarenza and get an extra 10% off with the code EVENMORE, it's valid until the end of June.  Do any of the bags here take your fancy?  Also, you can click the links under the Polyvore images for more info on the clothes and accessories.

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  1. Where cam I buy that t shirt please??????? X

    1. It's by Tee & Cake, you can find it online at Topshop : )

  2. That Irregular Choice bag is so amazing!!

  3. I think I like the Giselle look you made best, but I really want that dino vest from Topshop!


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