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My Great Irregular Choice AW13 Wishlist

I've been a huge Irregular Choice fan for years, as you know. I don't think I've been this excited about a collection for a wee while though. There are so many items (and not just shoes) that I'm lusting after, that I compiled my own wishlist last month so I could keep track of them all! Am I turning into one of those people that writes lists to keep calm? It's pictures, so I'm letting myself off!
So shown above, was the original wishlist and this was right at the time of the launch of the gnome heeled Chuckles. I ended up buying the black pair (pale pink/gold are US only, other colour was burgundy) although my favourite were perhaps the Thunderella which I'd only seen a tiny image of. Back to my black pair and I actually love them.  I love that I got that colour and am not disappointed or felt like I 'settled' in any way. Thunderella launched on the Hong Kong site a couple of days ago (as 'Thundrella') and as expected, I love them too. The image I saw was tiny, but I was pretty sure I'd spotted an embroidered deer on them and I was correct. It's f***ing awesome (no other way to put it)! They come in two colours of this almost tapestry-like floral fabric (green or maroon) and I'm definitely more drawn to the greeny pair. These aren't HK exclusive, so we should be getting them at some point. I just don't know if I can justify buying them both, but really want to! Do you prefer these to the original Chuckles?
Carpe Diem, anyone else get Cher from Clueless going round your head when you say that? "Carpe diem, you look hot in it"!  Happens to me every time! They are the shark courts which are already available in the UK and sold out very quickly. As I was buying my Chuckles at the time, I couldn't get both. The silver/grey is definitely my favourite of the two (the black are still available in sizes 36-38, 40 & 41 from IC). I really like them as they remind me of my Wing Invador courts.  That said, I will be able to live without them if I miss out.
I kinda feel the same about the Love & Magic heels, available in black, purple and wine. My favourite colour is the purple and I know I'd wear them tonnes because they are similar to my Can't Touch This aka the comfiest, most wearable shoes I own (probably). However while I'm trying to cut down on the shoe spending (read that as absolutely no shoe spending allowed), I'll put these on the back burner for now. Pretty though aren't they?
Marble Moose, I'm not prepared to pass me by. They are freakin' awesome! As if the comic, googly eyes aren't fun enough, there's a nose and mouth on the platform to make up the entire face. Seriously! The shoe itself is a completely new shape from Irregular Choice this season, of a seriously chunky platform and heel. It's slightly odd that so many sandals feature in the autumn/winter range and even the look book photos were shot on location on the sunny beach, but I couldn't care less, I love these!
I think they come in (possibly) three colours, as the purple above seem so similar to the pink below that I'm thinking the lighting is just different and they're actually the same colour. That colour come with gold metallic trim, the speckled white/black come with black trim and then there's the multi coloured tiger print with indigo trim (which I believe are exclusive to Dollskill).  I'm not too fussed which colour I get, I love them all.
If there's a shoe I love even more than Marble Moose though, it's Antonella (shown centre, top left and top 2nd from right in my wishlist). That there be a spotty bunny on those shoes! I want! A similar shape to Marble Moose with the chunky heel and platform, I've found photos of the brown velvet with orange animal and navy (possibly black) velvet with white animal. These are another must for me. Along with the glitter sandals (shown right-middle and bottom-second from left) called Toffee Splatter. Again they are similarly shaped to the other two, but sparkly with the adorable bunny logo on the side of the heel. Huggle Puff and Fraggle trainers from the ICED range also feature the same logo. I really want to compliment IC on their ICED range while I'm at it, because even though I don't wear flats or trainers, I can appreciate how fabulous these are. My little sister does wear that sort of thing and is keen to get her mitts on a couple of pairs (she has issues with 'slippy' soles on IC shoes)! They're colourful, fun and unlike anything else out there, which is probably what draws me to their heels. Anyway, back to the Toffee Splatter and there's the pastel lilac/blue pair I've shown and I've also seen a deep green/pale pink colour.  No info as to when these launch yet. I think each season there is a stand-out crazy pair and that title might just go to Tic Tac Toe which launched on the Hong Kong site last week. Kinda like a craft supply store threw up on a character from Sesame Street! I shan't be adding these to my wishlist, although I do find them amusing!
Off shoes and onto accessories and IC are killing it with their handbags right now! They are just as eye-catching and obscure as their shoes with cutesy details like the metallic birds on Take Flight or the smaller Follow Me (also available in black), both currently on the HK site.
There's oodles of crazy animals (UK Hound Dog, Catnip red and Catnip purple) along with fake fur, on the likes of the Pussy Cat (HK) face bag. I love the paw detail on the reverse! There's definitely something about the Paw Me (HK) leopard print bag that's catching my eye. It's stupidly cute and I can't wait until they launch on our site.

In my wishlist I originally wanted the Nut Cruncher squirrel bag. however having looked at the details on the HK site, I've decided it's just too bulky for me. Had it all been in fabric without the sides and back compartment in fur, I'd have been all over it.  I still love the squirrel and bird though.  
I like the Deery Me bag even more though, because it's not as bulky. It's a shape I love my bags to be, with the frame and clasp closure and the deer is adorably cute. The main fabric is exactly like the clutch and purses in MAC's holiday collection a few years back. I had a couple of items from it (can't recall the name now) and it's got that metallic slub through it. I definitely want to get my hands on this one.
Other than the bags, I love the animal knee leggings (bottom, 2nd from right), Pop Goes The Weasel fur scarf (right 2nd from top) and Paws For Thought teddy tapestry mittens (bottom right).  I don't know how Irregular Choice manage to keep me interested after all these years, but they do!  There's far too much here that are must-haves for me, so do you think my kidney, an arm or leg would raise the most funds to pay for it all?  Haven't sold that type of thing on eBay before, so I doubt I have a jiffy bag big enough, but I'll make-do!  I could maybe get the shoes half price if I sell the leg though!  What's tickling your fancy from the new collections.  


  1. I saw the shark shoes in the IC store on Carnaby yesterday and they really are cute!

    1. Oooh thanks for letting me know. I'm so glad I don't often see IC in the flesh, because I'd imagine I'd buy even more than I already do!

  2. My Carpe Diem have arrived. OK, I would have preferred the grey, but I do love them nonetheless.
    Other than those, I already have a pair of the Love & Magic, and I donlt' think there is anything else I'm dying for. Thunderella would be cute if I didn't have such a hatred of gnomes.

    1. Glad to hear it. Heehee, I'm hoping there is more statement heels after the bunnies and gnomes, if someone mentions mermaids or unicorns I'd be ALL over those!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, they are wonderful, their latest 'character heels' range are fabulous.


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