Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Haul: Irregular Choice 'Dreamy' Santa Heels

Three posts in one day, I'm on a roll! I am very excited to share these photos with you of some new shoes I received yesterday. It started last week with a slightly mysterious email from Irregular Choice regarding 'Santa heels'. They wondered if I might like to get my hands on a pair before they launch later in the year...eh yeah, don't have to ask me twice!
I hadn't even seen a photo yet and knew I wanted them. You see our family is rather obsessed with Christmas. My Dad is the second most obsessed (think he was deprived of big festivities during his childhood), my younger sister is top obsessive (she's just so ridiculously infatuated with all things fluffy and wintry and Santa is like her bestest friend in the whole wide world). My Mum and older sister are probably on a par with one another and really enjoy the whole run up to the big day; nativity plays, candles, carols, the food, the smells! Mum comes from a big family and all her brothers and sisters seem very Christmas orientated having had good and happy times at Christmas growing up. I'm generally not an excitable person (I say "ooh I'm excited" but my face and body rarely reflect it), so I'm the least Christmas-obsessed of the lot. However, I have to admit in recent years the sound of jingle bells and sight of snow, does make me want to jump up and down, clap my hands together and grin like an idiot!
When I bought my Chuckles gnome shoes the other month, the first thing my little sister said was "awww, could you imagine if they made Santa ones?". Well they have and there was no way my family would let me even think about not buying these! The shoes are called 'Dreamy' and last Friday, I got to see a couple of photos before placing my phone order. Irregular Choice had a small selection coming into stock early, so it was only a select few that could purchase them just now. You will be able to get your hands on them, but more about that later.
I bought two pairs of bunnies and gnomes and in both instances returned the smaller (my usual) size and kept the size up. So, I just bought the size up (6/39) this time. The gnomes felt tiny to me, like I could hardly get my foot in the 5.  The bunnies weren't so bad, the 5 was tight and squished my toes, but the 6 was a little big. The Santa heels feel more like the bunnies. If I had a half size smaller they probably would be perfect, but I get the impression that if I'd bought the 5, I'd have scrunched up toes, so I think I did the right thing. I always say it's easier to fix a shoe that's too big, than one that's too small. They might stretch with wear, but at the moment, they feel ok.
The court is made of black and deep red crushed velvet with a contrasting gold metallic trim and toe. The shoe itself doesn't strike me as particularly 'Irregular Choice' in design and I have to admit, I wasn't infatuated with it right away. They aren't totally to my taste...until you get to the heel of course!
Santa is the same mould as Chuckles, but there are several differences that really help him come to life and set him apart from the garden gnome. Obviously his outfit is red and white, with a black belt and boots. You can even see a little silver 'buckle' on his belt.
His skin is much more lifelike than the slightly yellow/greenish tone of the gnome. Being Santa, he has to have a rosy nose and cheeks from being out in the cold delivering presents! You'll also see his eyes look a little more lifelike and he has white eyebrows.  He still has that tubby shape and I said this last time, but I love their chunky bottoms!
He's cute and I'm thinking less 'scary' for those a little freaked out by the gnome. I like that the shoe is basic enough that it doesn't detract from him.  Certainly the colours of the shoe feel very Christmassy on their own before you even see the heel.  My little sister wished the shoe was green for that extra Christmas factor contrasting with the red Santa, but I'm pretty sure she bleeds red, white and green you know!  I already have my green sparkly Oz heels from a few years back and I'm not totally convinced I'd be able to style a red and green shoe.    
I've compared all three of my statement heel friends. What would you wish for next? I'm thinking if they could incorporate a horse, unicorn or mermaid, then I'd hyperventilate!! No seriously, how amazing would that be?  
Now, the Dreamy shoe will be available for all come early November, priced £110. That means you'll get plenty of wear before Christmas, heehee or ho ho ho! Do you think you need a Santa shoe in your collection?  Do you like these?  Let me know.     


  1. mmm
    love the materials like a velvet and those colours really matching with your pearl white skin<3
    hehe and already feeling like x'mas with this post now x)

  2. I really would have thought that IC would have sent you a pair for FREE, seeing as you advertise for them so much. :(

  3. Love them!! (I wish they would make a piggy shoe!)

  4. I have the bunnie ones...and a couple of other shoes from them.....wish they would put as little bit more effort into the comfort of the shoe (esp at the ball of the foot) like they do the design!

    1. The bunnies remain my favourite, I really liked the polka-dot shoe-boot as well as the heel.

  5. Char and I were just having a conversation about Christmas shoes! Much as it pains me to say it, I must admit that I don't love these :( Father Christmas looks almost exactly the same as the gnome and I don't like the gnome!

    1. How freaky! I'm generally not a fan of gnomes nor do I dislike them though, but I did like the use of one as a heel and same for Santa.

  6. Replies
    1. Looking forward to seeing what I can wear them with at Christmas!

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