Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Giant Shoe Clearance

I'm so sorry for the disappearing act this past week or so. Time has just got away from me every single day and last week I was super busy trying to tackle the multi-pile shoe mountain that has developed over the past few months in my bedroom! It's no small task, but I'm desperate for both space and money; so the time came to sell as much as I could.
I always find it difficult to let go of my belongings and try to do so before I become too 'attached'. I still struggled immensely with this lot though!  I've sold sooo much over the past couple of years, that I'm really down to the items I love and treasure. Anyway, last week I snapped away, took measurements and listed as much as I could fit into one day! There are tonnes of shoes, a couple of handbags and some cosmetics, all ending tomorrow (Sunday). You could snap up some brand new Irregular Choice shoes including the gorgeous So-Yeon Sarah platforms, the red glitter shoes that still remain one of the most 'googled' pairs from The Shoe Girl Diaries, some pretty rare 'chess' heeled Michael Lewis slingbacks, PPQ for Office striped bow platforms, Miu Miu inspired daisy boots, gorgeous green wedges by Terry de Havilland and even my Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk! Yes I so struggled to part with many of those!


  1. I wish I had bigger feet! So many beautiful shoes.

  2. I wish I was size 6 then I'd bought them all :(

  3. Wow, you have some amazing shoes lady :)

  4. Oh no! I missed the big sale :-( Would have LOVED to get those cowboy boots! Hope you made lots of money :-) x


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