Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I'm A Barbie Girl

Miss Selfridge always have a great selection of Barbie clothing and I've bought a few t-shirts/vests in the past from them. Despite having a large bust that normally dictates me wearing an 18 or 20, the 16's usually fit me fine and sometimes even they are generous. I placed an order the other month as I was desperate to get my hands on this Barbie Party Tee, which is a subtle nod to the Jubilee/Olympic theme we've seen everywhere. I liked that it wasn't too red/white/blue and actually Barbie is wearing a bright pink dress (naturally!), but the Union-Jack bunting in the background made it a little more unique than the usual Barbie stuff. It was £22, the quality isn't amazing, it's pretty thin, but I'd probably just pop a vest underneath. Size-wise, it's pretty generous, I possibly could've gone for a 14 (shocker I know).
This next one I've had my eye for ages, again at £22. I liked that it was black (the tops tend to be white) and that it included more than Barbie on it. The image is of 'Barbie and The Rockers' including Derek, Diva, Dana and DeeDee. Mattel originally produced this 'band' to compete with Hasbro's 'Jem' at the time, wee dolly fact for you there! They were called Barbie And The Rock Stars in Europe and Mattel reproduced the Barbie during her 50th celebrations the other year. This is how I remember Barbie dolls (in 'my day'), all big hair, bright clothes and bold earrings! Now, when I talked about the material being a little on the thin side above, this one is worse. As my Mum would say 'you could spit peas through it', it's very sheer and obviously designed to be worn over something else. I wore it the other day with a black vest underneath and you can see how sheer the areas are without the vest. It's quite long and has splits either side at the bottom-I'd usually wear it tucked into something.
Now as much as I wanted the two tops above, the trigger for placing an order were these next items.  Leggings (£28) and a body-suit (£25), featuring loads of images of Barbie through the ages.  They are bright and bold and there's so many cute pics on there that I just couldn't resist them. Now I was a little unsure whether or not these would fit. The body came in regular sizes and the 16 is a little tight on me (although obviously it's very stretchy). I've never tried it on yet doing up the poppers, I think I'll probably just cut the bottom off to be honest and wear it as a vest as I'm not very agile with the 4 hands required to venture between ones legs and pull and stud things! The leggings however only came in small, medium and large. It works on a 6-8, 10-12, 14-16 idea and although I mostly wear size 16 leggings anyway, a straight 16 or extra large would've worked better for me. Although they fit, I'd have liked them a little more generous just so they were more comfortable around the top (they sit like hipsters and I'd prefer them higher up my waist). For that print though, I just couldn't resist, they are so unique and the type of thing you'd find in children's sizes but not adults, hence my excitement!
As for the quality of these, well 'swimming costume' springs to mind. I'm not a fan of the feel at all, but hey-ho, it's all about that print right?  The body is also cut very low at the back which would throw up bra-issues for most people, although personally I'd never wear it without my back covered anyway, so that doesn't really matter to me.
The leggings sit just above the ankle on me-I'd have liked them just slightly longer.  I've only worn them once, so I need to figure out some cool outfits to incorporate these pieces into! Do you think you're ever too old to wear dolly-branded clothes? Personally at 32, I wouldn't hesitate or think twice about it, but maybe that's just me!


  1. Hee hee! Check you out Barbie! They are so funny! You make them work, because you wear funky adorable things really well! On me, they'd probably look silly!

  2. They are amazing. I understand your weakness and yes, sometimes it just has to be all about the print. I love your pink lipstick against the colour of your hair in that pic too x

  3. you can still rock barbie! i am so tempted by these!

  4. Every one of those items is amazing! I so want that second Barbie t-shirt. I am weeping due to having to money :( boo.



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