Thursday, 17 May 2012

CJG Shoes For Topshop

From what I'd seen in previews over the past few months, I've been pretty eager for the Chloe Green (CJG) shoe range to hit Topshop. The debut collection of 14 shoes (9 designs) launched this morning and didn't disappoint.
Each shoe is named after a special person in Chloe's life and designs take inspiration from her love of illustrated butterflies, charms and hearts mixed with darker roses, skulls and animal motifs. From that description I'd expected to see the influence quite literally (skulls, roses and butterflies adorning shoes for example), but it's much more subtle taking form in the shapes of the shoes, materials used and details such as metal chains, buckles, studs, crystals and zips.
The styles are super high which may put some people off, but knowing Topshop the construction of their shoes is such that you usually feel pretty secure even in their highest of heels. I have lots of favourites in this collection, the sold-out Bella Bea wooden wedges are subtly gorgeous, the Lady Mama would get a lot of wear from me, while the CJG green glitter peep-toes are "look at my sparkly feet" super-special! I think the Magda and Tiger Lily shoe-boots benefit from the flash of contrast sole and the Misha are probably my absolute faves. The pastel pair are in 'my basket' taunting me. I just can't decide whether or not to splurge?! They do look amazing on the foot...
Each shoe features a signature mint green sole (Chloe 'Jade Green' and all that), which just happens to be my favourite colour and they come in a super pretty box! Prices range from £115-£175.  Anything take your fancy? Should I get the wedges?


  1. WOW these shoes are amazing!!! I adore the Toger Lily Boots and the Bella Bea wedges!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing x

  2. they are soo cool, I really like the inside of the packaging too! x

  3. Apart from the Bella Bea, which is kinda cool, I don't think much design or originality has gone into any of these, and I particularly don't like the nepotism angle- would have rather seen a collection from young design students or something.

  4. no wayyyyyy! i wouldn't buy these at all - cute yes, original NO!

    also at that price point you could get a fab pair of exquisitely crafted designer shoes on the outnet or some other sale site.

    sooooo not worth it!


  5. I have a pair of these - the platform heels, but the green sole has worn off after wearing them once! is this normal? Thanks x

    1. Sorry to hear that...I never got round to owning a pair, but certainly my Irregular Choice shoes which all have patterned printed soles last longer than one wear. With them I find each picture is different (some start to wear away after 1 or 2 uses, others I've had for years and they still look great).


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