Monday, 14 May 2012

ASOS Haul & 20% Off Shoes

Last week when I told you about the ASOS discount that I wanted to use on the Ablaze wedge boots, I did indeed buy a pair that day! I got the gingerbread, mint green ones and they are absolutely beautiful. I think I may even love them more than my tapestry pair.
They make your feet look really tiny and despite the height, you feel really secure and safe walking in them. Until my new camera arrives tomorrow (!), we'll have to make-do with my mobile phone pics.
Aren't they pretty? I also bought the cat-eye highbrow sunglasses I'd wanted for ages. I was so close to buying the Christian Dior 'Mohotani' but have decided that for now, these are a decent, cheaper alternative.
If you missed the 24 hour offer last week, then there's 20% off selected shoes at ASOS until 9am on Friday 18th May. Some of the Ablaze styles are included, so I've linked to those in the promotion below. They are all £60 reduced to £48. After my gingerbread pair reignited my love for the Ablaze family, I decided that I want as many prints as possible. So today I ordered the scribble pair, which should arrive tomorrow.  It took all my willpower not to buy the black/pink ditsy pair too!  I know, I'm a naughty pup!
Ablaze mint gingerbread
Ablaze scribble
Ablaze floral tapestry
Ablaze black/pink ditsy
and the snake print are in the sale at £36.


  1. I love the shoes! The sunglasses are amazing too :-) I'm off to see what else is on offer!

  2. These shoes are AMAZING! Lovely blog x


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