Monday, 7 May 2012

ASOS Ablaze & Discount Code

My ASOS 'Ablaze' tapestry wedges remain as one of the most searched posts on both my blogs. It seems you can't get enough of them and I love them too (I'm sure you can recall my countdown/obsession to when they launched and purchase within the first few hours of them going online!). The tapestry pair sold out very quickly and have been restocked so many times since last summer. There was also a velvet pair, leopard print and plain black pairs. ASOS know when they're onto a good thing though and the Ablaze family has grown considerably since then, with the addition of some pretty cool prints.  They are priced at £60 which I consider to be quite reasonable especially as the quite similar Jeffrey Campbell 'Damsel' boots will set you back more than double that.
Here's the original floral tapestry pair, still available online.
The plain black pair are also still available.
Reduced to £36 are the black and ivory snakeskin pair.
This floral pair are perfect for Spring with their pretty colours.
This graphic print has just a splash of pink with lots of neutrals and I'm sure would look great with many outfits.
I think this colourful scribble pair are fantastic but...
my favourite have to be the mint green gingerbread pattern. Love the colour and the print and I think I may just treat myself to these today.
Especially as there's 24% off selected items with the code EXTRA24 (expires 8.59am 8th May). I've tried it and it works on all the full-price styles in this post, taking them down to a very reasonable £45.60. Let me know your favourite pair and if you're thinking of purchasing. Size-wise, they are a little snug, but comfortable in your usual size (I've even been able to wear mine with thin socks).  They are pretty easy to walk in (5 3/4" heel and 1 1/4" platform) and I've worn them for long periods without any issues.  Beware of the attention you'll get wearing these though, it's surprising! I literally couldn't take 2 steps without gasps, stares and comments!


  1. the gingerbread ones are amazeballs! as are the tapestry ones!

  2. stunning tapestry shoes! i remember browsing through asos a few months back and spotting these, i would have bought them right there and then except being 5'8 already i cannot get away with wearing 5 inch wedges! if they ever bought out a 2 inch wedge in the same pattern id be all over them!


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