Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Are You Curious?*

It can be difficult to look and feel unique every day, when more often than not, you're wearing high-street clothes that half the country own! It's up to you to style the outfit in your own way and my favourite way of adding my own touch is accessories. Whether that be shoes, sunglasses, headscarves or jewellery, it can completely transform an outfit from 'so-so' to 'fabulous'. With that, I introduce you to Curiosity Cured.
Three friends got together (including Aideen who some of you may remember from my 'Irregular Choice Month' last year on The Shoe Girl Diaries) and decided to start making quirky, one-of-a-kind jewellery. Each item has a unique feel, often made with vintage, upcycled pieces. Transforming something old into something new and giving it a new lease of life. It's a great concept and I love that feeling of owning something that nobody else has.
The jewellery itself is totally my kinda thing; with the likes of pearls, cameos, bows, icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and cute details like Alice-in-Wonderland and the Eiffel Tower (you all know I'm a sucker for all of the above)!
The ladies have also branched out into sourcing, beautiful vintage dresses which perfectly compliment their jewellery.  If you're looking for fun, pretty and cute pieces with a bit of history, then check out Curiosity Cured, I'm sure you'll love it!  At the moment you can contact them through their Facebook page, where you'll find more pictures and updates of where to buy.  Will you cross over to the quirky side?

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