Friday, 27 February 2009

Primark Haul

Before I decided on the no-buy, I had another very successful blow-out at Primark. I went in search of this dress (below), but didn't find it. Isn't it always the way that when you aren't expecting to spend lots, you see lots?I am incredibly pleased with my loot though. Sometimes I feel I buy things in Primark because it's so cheap, without really liking each piece. However I adore every little thing I bought last week. I've already told you about the macs I got. I also got another shorter length jacket/coat type thing. It's a fully lined, belted mac with large heart and circle pattern all over (difficult to describe, but really kitsch and cute). The red/white really stood out to me, but totally clashed with my hair. So instead I got a grey/greenish version with white pattern.

I spotted this dress in the window and knew I had to have it. It's gorgeous. It looks like a thrifted dress that your Granny would wear. A lovely small floral print with placket down the front, centre back zip and short gathered sleeves. It was available in pale blue or lilac (sooo Luella S/S 09), so I snapped up both. I can see me wearing these to death. I also got a sheer navy dress with cream crocheted front. It hangs beautifully and has lovely 3/4 length sleeves.

I decided to quickly pop upstairs to look at the shoes. Recently I've been disappointed with the range, however when I got there I spotted the elusive studded sandals. Can you believe it? These were literally all over the fashion mags, months and months ago. Ebay had zillions for sale at rip-off prices and at the end of last year, I finally gave up hope of ever seeing them in my local (which must be extremely behind on receiving stock). I happily snatched both the black and brown pairs and struggled to fit them into my bulging basket.
One more stop, the accessories. Fabulous finds here. I have been meaning to make lots of little fabric bows and things for my hair recently but never find the energy. Here were a pack of 4 ditsy fabric clasps for £1! I also got 2 white satin and 2 peach polka dot satin in a pack for £1. A large ditsy chiffon bow clasp for £1. Cream and dusky rose carved flower clasps in a 2 pack for £1.50 (I bought 2 so I could have 2 of each colour). A cream carved flower and pearl, gold chain necklace (came with earrings too but I don't have mine pierced, £2). A metal carved flower cuff and matching necklace (maybe £2 and £3 each). Oh and a super vintage looking peach and pearl brooch £2, which looks fabulous on the neck of my new dresses. I think I have all those prices right. The lot came to just over £130, which is brilliant for all the amazing pieces.

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