Saturday, 25 October 2008

High Street Wish List

I've been meaning to write about these few pieces for a while now and keep forgetting. So, I'll get straight on with it.
First up are these gorgeous studded sandals from Primark. I've spotted them in a couple of magazines, but that usually means a longish wait until they appear in the shops. From what I can see they look very Jimmy Choo or Burberry, of course they may appear cheaper in the flesh. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for them, so let me know if you spot them anywhere.

New Look have quite a few pairs of shoes doing the media rounds. I love this purple suede pair, they have a really flattering shape and I like the detail on them. Below that are some harlequin inspired shoes, which are very much on trend just now. They are part of the Limited Edition range though, so not available in all stores. As are these gorgeous boots (bottom). I've been hunting for them for weeks on the New Look site but haven't seen them yet. I do have a lace-up pair from ASOS in similar fabric, but I really like these....and want them now, so hurry up NL!

Cosmo featured these Matalan sequin sandals as a dupe for Miu Miu. While they don't have the magnificent sculpted shell heel, I must admit they do have the general shape and style of the Miu Miu pair. I'm sure these will fly off the shelf as glitzy 'Christmas party sandals' and at £12 (compared to £425 for the Miu Miu) they certainly aren't going to break the bank.

As I've said it's getting really cold here in Scotland. My parents are currently on holiday and told me they were sitting watching the waves (with a tan no less!) late last night. Meanwhile my sister and I were huddled up in the house, heating on full blast, hoping we didn't have to venture out in the torrential rain and gale force winds (I kid you not). My coats and jackets that I haven't needed in the summer don't feel substantial enough for this climate, so I'm on the look-out for something warmer. I do like this coat from Primark (below). I can't tell how thick/warm it is from the picture, but I like the style and the colour and pattern are great that it wouldn't clash with floral prints or bright colours, so it would really go with anything. I do have really big boobs though and find it hard to get a coat that actually buttons up over my bust, team this with the fact that my Primark rarely has anything over a size 10, I may be struggling!

Back to New Look again and these little slingbacks. I first noticed the beige pair (which haven't scanned very well) and was shocked to see they were high-street shoes. I really like the blunt toe and almost cone shaped heel and honestly thought they looked like they cost a lot. The better image is of them in purple, although I think they look cheaper in that colour. I'm actually not as enamored with them as I first thought though, as time passes I'm going off them for some reason. Also note: one magazine prices them at £20 (quite cheap for NL nowadays), while the other is £35 (quite steep for NL!).

Look magazine did a feature recently on dirt cheap high-street fashion (Primark, Matalan, Peacocks etc) to help with the current credit crunch, financial crisis in the UK. I loved these Peacocks boots they featured (£18). I took a trip there recently but no sign of the boots. It did say in the article that they were due instore on the 17th October and I think I was there just before that.

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  1. I don't prefer wearing so high heels. Both for health and comfort. My cousin likes and is very comfortable with them though.


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