Friday, 28 February 2020

Irregular Choice: Luxovious (Super Fan Collection)

Post does not contain affiliate links or gifted items. blue space themed boots with gold star heel on dark planet background Probably shouldn't begin a post with a negative, but I'm not entirely happy with these photos. You'll see a couple of different backdrops; I started with this planet one, but the colour and material of the boots wasn't shining like it usually does, so I switched to the other background, but it didn't improve much. I was photographing a lot of items this day, so didn't have the time to try again and as always my energy is low, so I just have to do what I can and I'd rather review them than not at all. The close-up photos are alright and I'll go into detail about the material anyway and am including an extra photo at the end so you can see them in all their glory.  I'm more disappointed that I haven't done the material justice because it and the boots are better than they look here. shimmering blue mid calf boot on planet background

The Irregular Choice super fan collaboration launched last month for SS20 and these boots, Luxovious were designed by Rowena Barriskill. The boot is a brand new shape for me and has a really interesting feature which I'll get into in a minute. They sit mid calf, with a zip fastening and rounded toe. The upper material is a grey-ish blue with a snakeskin print which has a rainbow shine over the top. It can be dazzling, it's super colourful and shiny, but in natural light it doesn't tend to shine as much. In poorer or artificial light though, it's striking.  On the outer side there's a print of the old robot that resurfaced last season, in a rocket this time, which is really cute. Then there's cut-out stars and a crescent moon in gold metallic. blue robot boots with silver rings on dazzling star backgroundblue snakeskin boots with gold glitter heel and robot printfront of boots in blue snakeskin material with purple trim and silver ringsboots with gold heels and stars and moon cut outs on uppersblue boot with silver rings, stars and robot detail on starry backgroundclose up of blue rainbow snakeskin material on upper of bootclose up of robot in rocket on side of bootgold metallic cut out stars on boot counterrounded toe of blue snakeskin boot with purple trimside view of blue snakeskin toe of boot
I have never owned any of the star heels, it's a really comfortable style, I thought the same with the Bon Bon (BB) boots I wore this week for Shoesday Tuesday. It's solid, sturdy and slightly lower than BB. It's covered in gold glitter and I absolutely love the bright purple metallic used in the trim along the top of the boot and on the sole, it really pops. Actually these boots were the only style in the whole super fan collection to feature 'proper' soles. You'll see BB when I review those and the other two were rubber. The retro, digital gaming theme is just the coolest, I love it and the boxes are out of this world. I'll do a separate post on that for you too! The sole image is just on the pad of the foot, attached to the purple sole. We've seen this previously (the fairy toadstool heels for example) and I actually really like it, even although you don't get that whole length of new season sole pattern. side view of gold glitter star shaped heel on bootgold glitter star shaped heel on bootgold star shaped heel tip on bootclose up of metallic textured jagged trim around top of bootclose up of colourful retro gaming themed printed sole on boot
On the upper shaft, there's silver rings around the boot with a gold metal star on each, which can be moved along the ring.  Midway (centre of the outer side) the rings are supported with a rivet and so the stars can't move beyond that (i.e. they can move around half of the boot from zip to rivet). The rivet means the rings sit outwards from the boot to assist with the free movement of the stars, but they taper closer to the shaft at the zip ends. I've photographed the boot from above to illustrate this.  The centre ring star goes in a different direction to the other two, which is thoughtful as that means the whole boot circumference is able to have this feature, even if each star can only move round half of the boot. Did I just over-complicate that? It sounded clearer in my head! The rings are very flexible, but it all feels rather secure and the stars move freely. front of blue boots with silver ring detail on shaftback view of boots with gold glitter star shaped heels and blue uppers birdseye view of boot with silver rings sitting out from shaftclose up of silver rivets on boots to hold rings with gold stars onclose up of zip on boots with silver ring detail close up of stars on rings on bootsblue boots with gold stars and moon on bright starry background
I'll be posting a fit review of these next week for Shoesday Tuesday, but here's a sneak peek so you can see that rainbow shine on the uppers. All my photos that day were as colourful as this.  The brighter, natural lighting for the rest of the photos just didn't show off that shine and made the blue look more grey. Whereas in poorer or artificial light, the shine comes out and the blue is brighter. Like Bon Bon, I had to sadly return these because of my broken laptop, but the concept is really novel and I'm loving the materials used. wearing blue rainbow boots with robot and gold star shaped heel and Dumbo tights


  1. I know you said you don't like your photos but they are great to me. I think they do show the iridescent of the blue on the shoes and like you, I adore the robot! So pleased they made a return on these boots. Rowena did an awesome job!!


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