Sunday, 8 March 2020

Irregular Choice: SS20 Box Design

I've been promising you a proper look at the Spring/Summer 2020 graphics from Irregular Choice and here is the fabulous box. irregular choice ss20 shoe box

The box is glossy, with 2 slightly different games on each main side. Overall the box is made to look like a vintage games console, which is just the coolest concept. I may (more than once) have pretended to 'play' it by pressing the 'buttons'! I shan't insult gamers by trying to describe each side because it would be along the lines of "one's a shooty, zappy thing, the other is a leap over, don't fall off & collect stuff for bonus points kinda one"!  I'm not usually a fan of monkeys, but I think that side is particularly adorable.shoe box with retro games console design and irregular world digital gameclose up of front of shoe box with retro game print featuring monkeys and mushroomsgaming themed shoe box close up with dinosaur graphics
The sides are bright with rainbow stripes, retro font and I love that the front of the drawer says "ready???" right before you open it to reveal your shoes. Sometimes you just need to take a breath and prepare for that forthcoming awesomeness y'know?side of irregular choice shoe box with rainbow stripes and brandingtop of drawer style shoe box with rainbow retro font and gaming theme
The tissue paper inside is pale pink with more of the game characters and slogans on it. The handles are purple rope. retro gaming themed pink tissue paper inside shoe box
I think this is a really fun box design and perfect for the SS20 season with it's bright colours. The soles are just glorious too, you can see those in detail in my Heavens Above review and I have another shoe review post coming up shortly.

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