Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Irregular Choice Lightning Bolt: Heavens Above (IC Exclusive)

Hello, been a little longer between posts than I'd have liked, but I had to buy a new laptop as my other one was dying and other than the backlit keyboard (!), I hate the new one. Everything is different and I'm exhausted trying to figure out how to work it (if I could murder the "help" section, I would, it's that frustrating). It's draining my energy too much and not doing anything for my mood, so I've just been avoiding using it altogether.  The biggest issue being the colours I'm seeing on screen, which is making blogging near impossible, as I don't know what to trust in regards to being a lifelike colour. I realise it can very between devices (my phone always looks way more saturated than my old laptop), but this is worlds apart and I can't seem to fix it. There's been tears more than once, but I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it with these photos I took at the weekend and fingers crossed, it works. I resized them and did nothing to the colour, because I don't know what to trust now! Now, it's the resizing that looks weird to me here, they're tiny compared to my old laptop, so if it looks strange, you know why. Ok, so Irregular Choice released a brand new concept heel last Friday, lightning bolts. It was a big collection (10 shoes in total) and although they all looked lovely online, they're even better in the flesh. I got two pairs of shoes and today have Heavens Above to show you. irregular choice unicorn and rainbow fur shoes with lightning bolt heel on pastel cloud background
There were 3 different styles; an ankle boot called Power Surge in 4 colourways, which I didn't get at all (but want!), Galactic Thunder we initially saw in the teaser, in 3 colours, the pink being exclusive to IC (which I bought) and then 3 variations of these Heavens Above courts, again I bought the IC exclusive pattern. Matching Galactic Thunder, is a handbag (again in 3 colours), 2 purses, tights, earrings and unusually, a hairclip, which I also bought. So, a big collection for a brand new style and I also want to mention that all of these are available up to a size 43 (starting at a 36).
one shoe lying on side showing unicorn print and other from top shoes split unicorn and fur design
The court itself is a brand new shape for this season. They have an elongated pointed toe, not unflattering, but also not the stubby type to cut across your toe, tapering to the point (like the more pointed cortesans for example). I found the toe area felt longer in this style than the Galactic Thunder and this was mirrored in the sizing. The courts felt a little looser on my foot, than the neater GT. I'll get fit reviews up on The Shoe Girl Diaries in due course.  It's an unusual shape for IC nowadays, who tend to save very pointed toes for flatter styles or at least chunkier pointed toes (like many of the Alice platforms) for heels, but they tend to be round toes mostly. The really cool part, again a new feature this season, is the scalloped sole edge. You'll have likely already spotted this on Shortie Bread, which I thought was great as it really looked like the edge of a biscuit! It adds interest to what is otherwise a simple shape. There's a sweetheart shaped opening, edged in metallic and the shoe is split into two different materials down the centre. single shoes from side with mirrored lightning bolt heel and bright unicorn print uppercourt shoes in split design with rainbow fluffy side and unicorn print on cloud backgroundclose up of pointed toe of shoe in split fluffy and unicorn fabrics with scalloped edgeclose up of scalloped edge sole on toe of shoes
Obviously this unicorn print immediately got my attention. I have the matching scarf and it's a print I really love; a polka dot base with colourful pegasus.  However when I saw the other sides, I loved those even more, they're furry! It's a short (very soft) pile in rainbow shades which perfectly compliments the unicorn side and general theme. Obviously the selection of colours is going to vary between not only each pair, but each shoe, depending on which piece of the fabric is cut for your shoe. Likewise the unicorn print. I found the shoe that had the most obvious unicorn print across the toe, had the furry bit I wasn't as enamoured with, so it evened itself out. At a glance, they do look like a good match, with the pink fur on both at the front and green at the back. pair of shoes with unicorn printed uppers and lightning bolt heels on cloud backgroundpair of shoes with furry, pastel rainbow uppers and lightning bolt heels on cloud backgroundshoes from above showing split design feature in soft faux fur and polka dot unicorn printcourts shoes with lightning bolt heels and unicorn and fluffy material uppers However, look at the stunning colours on this shoe, I love it. It mixes blue and yellow, peach and even a touch of purple in there as well as the pink and green. As much as I love unicorns, had these shoes purely been fluffy, I'd have still bought them! single shoe on side showing pastel rainbow furry uppers and lightning bolt heel on cloud backgroundpair of shoes showing furry sides with lightning bolt heelspair of shoes showing one unicorn side and one fluffy side with lightning bolt heels on dreamy cloud background Moving onto the heel and it's exactly 4" and reasonably chunky, but with a smallish heel tip. In character heel terms, it's a lot thinner than we usually see, not at all wedge-like like the bunnies, fawns or unicorns, but it's well supported where it meets the shoe. That's because at the top of the lightning bolt, they created this puffy cloud shape which is covered in glitter (slightly more pinky toned than that on Fuzzy McFrosty last year). There's stars, which I initially thought were big bits of glitter or sequins (and therefore would easily fall off), but they're actually part of the heel mould. Each heel varies in colour between the 10 styles, but I thought this one was the most interesting as it has an ombre effect, going from blue at the tip and fading to silver where it meets the cloud. Being a mirror finish, it obviously picks up surrounding colours, so will change all the time.  It's a sturdy enough feeling heel and I'm personally glad to see a high heel (though it's not the highest) after so many seasons dominated by mid and low heels.   blue ombre lightning bolt heels with glitter cloud on shoesclose up of blue ombre lightning bolt concept heel on shoe with glitter cloud and metallic starsss20 lightning bolt concept heel on unicorn themed shoemirror lightning bolt heel tip on shoeheel tip of lightning bolt heel on shoe
Last thing to show you today is the SS20 lining and soles. Boy oh boy are the soles and boxes insane this season, they're amazing! They both have a retro gaming theme with the box (I took photos, so will do a separate post on that) looking like an actual console and the soles are just so bright and cheerful. That scalloped edging also looks amazing from the bottom. Then there's a bold and dark floral print inside, just on the sides so I tried to grab a bit of that to show you too. printed irregular world retro gaming soles ss20sole of shoe with retro gaming print and lightning bolt heel on cloud backgroundspring summer 2020 lining inside shoefloral print lining inside shoe
The other versions of this style are the older dinosaur print with mixed purple and pink patent glitter sides or the gaming pattern on black with metallic gold and purple sides.  While nothing will beat the fur, I really like both of those too, especially the dinosaurs, but with this laptop to pay for, I can't even really afford what I got.  A lot has changed since my last post (nothing physically), but mentally I'm really struggling to cope with the past 18 years and although I don't really want to get into it here and now, I did want to address it as I've had a lot of messages enquiring about my absence on social media this year.  That environment is just the worst place for me right now.  I'm living a completely different life to my peers/most other people (not through choice) and it's starting to make me feel really resentful and envious of everything and turning me into someone I don't like.  So I need to step back and reassess on how to move forward.  I'm sick of putting a brave face on it and fooling myself into thinking this kind of existence is ok, when it's really not.  It goes much deeper than that, but for a shoe review post, that's all I'll say.  I need time, but unfortunately there's nothing anyone can do to help.  I will continue blogging, I've actually really liked putting posts out on the sly (before the computer misery), it's like old times, pre-Facebook and Instagram! I've even posted blog updates on Tumblr as nobody on there talks to you, so I can cope with that!  Anyway, I hope you are well and enjoyed seeing these new shoes.  Photo below of the other style I bought, which I'll review soon.  Lots of love to you all.     crescent moon shoe, unicorn print and furry fabric shoes all with lightning bolt heels on cloud backdrop
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  1. Hi!!! So good to see you back, I miss your posts dearly, nobody describes the shoes the way you do, going into every detail. I love it! I have to keep going back to the photos to check the things you mentioned because I didn’t notice them before. This collection in particular wasn’t my favorite. The heel is too tall for me and the pointy toes are uncomfortable. Also, pumps that don’t have a strap slip from my feet. I almost bought Galactic Thunder but decided for the boots instead. The ones you got are really pretty! Looking forward for the other post. Thank you for all you do. Wishing you all the best, always.

    1. Thank you, that means a lot to me. I'm really enjoying blogging at the moment, without the social media. I think the two together tire me out, but blogging on it's own, I can just get on with. GT are quite good because the swirly bits act as a strap across the foot, got that post coming up shortly. I'm still eyeing the boots and changing my mind between which is my favourite...think the silver with pink heel at the moment.

  2. So glad to see you posting! I missed you! I'm sorry that you are feeling so down about your situation. I'm not surprised. You've had a VERY long time of extremely poor health and for someone so gregarious and interesting as you, that must be so hard. Sending you hugs.
    The new shoes are beautiful!! Really beautiful. I have to say though- the fur on IC worries me. I just see me treading in chewing gum, mud, poo, something sticky and them being ruined forever!!!!

    1. Thanks Kezzie. I'm doing a bit better, but still taking it one day at a time or I just lapse back into feeling terrible about the situation. It's hard, for sure.

      I like that the new sole design keeps the fur up off the ground here, with the thicker edge, it kinda sits up above that and doesn't trail, but there's definitely longer haired furry ones that would get icky.

  3. I love your blogs Gemma, such amazing attention to detail. I bought these and after reading your blog, I got them out to marvel at all the details you'd picked up and I had missed! I love the fur on these shoes, just wish mine had more contrast of colour (mine were very pink!!). I am undecided on the Galactic Thunder, I should be good but they're such awesome shoes!!

    1. Thanks Tomi. Got my GT post coming up, they definitely appealed to me more in the flesh than I thought they would. I felt a bit extravagant getting both, so figured I'd return those, but I liked them too much. I do love how the heel is ombre on HA though. It's interesting to see the difference in the colours in regards to the fur, I personally liked my pair, though I definitely think the more multi-coloured one is cooler.


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